Night fishing beach camping Notes

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Night fishing beach camping Notes

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(Camping supplies): tent both considered a luxury, and are counted thrift products. Camping compared to find ready-made shelter to, it is very troublesome, and the equipment itself is not cheap. But camping can save on accommodation and great fun. Therefore, whether to live in tents, watching yourself this mood.

Tent (at the beach): tend to be larger, you can live more comfortably, preferably the kind with gauze breathable, so that they can enjoy the sea breeze blowing fun tent. Moisture-proof pad cushion to bring sleeping bag is not too thick, a single layer of thin sleeping bag is sufficient. Reminded that you need to pay attention to is, the campsite must not select in sea water at high tide could wear to the beach, or flooded.

(Sunshades and beach chairs): If you are a self-driving to the beach, you can bring these two things. Awning like a lot, the best kind of like an only the top side of the tent, folding awning; kind of umbrella with an iron bar awning is not so convenient.

(Cookware, appliances, cutlery, lamps): a picnic at the beach, a picnic is a great pleasure, but will need to bring a lot of things, as well as complex and meticulous preparations. Gas stove, grill, barbecue utensils most suitable for a beach picnic; troublesome, ready to bring food with a small incubator, picnic on the beach is also good, and do not forget to bring table linen; Do not forget to bring lighting supplies, which Select the LED is more appropriate, especially in the low voltage LED lights. If not enough trouble, they only go to a restaurant to eat.

【The beach portrait Precautions]

Shoot portraits at the beach, the camera is a bit different at the same land, on the whole, should pay attention to the following essentials:

(1) should not be far metering should be nearly

Photographed at the beach, the vast surrounding environment, whether it is the vast surface of the water, or the boundless sky, its brightness is usually much higher than the figure in this environment, so Ruoyu before shooting metering, meter move to the vicinity of a figure, to avoid the interference of ambient light on the metering, so that the measured data to be more correct.

(2) to make good use of auxiliary light

The beach at sunrise or sunset when the most beautiful scenery, but the light weakest, usually Caixia level of performance, and the characters will become dark. Therefore, to get both of good character with pink clouds, with flash assist light. The concrete exposure value should be given: first to determine the aperture according to the distance between the lamp and the figure number, then adapted according to the the Caixia specific brightness to set the aperture shutter speed.

(3) Do not underestimate the role of the filter

Shooting at the beach, skilled in using a variety of filters, and often would the photos bring unexpected good effect. Such as in front of the camera wearing a Skylight, not only can effectively remove the Haitian territory UV Xia Ai, can absorb a small amount of blue and green, to improve color balance people's skin will look more rosy health.

【Night fishing beach camping Notes]

Island camping, first pay attention to the anti-snake, breakwater, pest control, mosquito control, prevent height fallen objects, to prevent landslides and prevent flash floods, the following are some of the matters should be noted, for reference.

First, the equipment: low ventilation holes double tents and mats, sleeping bags, mosquito coils, sulfur (or to fit the shoe economy), lighting equipment must be prepared.

Camping terrain options:

1, the highest historical tide level point three meters away, swimming and tide waves can not reach the area.

The flat zone surrounding terrain to be tall, erected tents Strip, in the the rain can not Yandao Strip, without the option of a ravine Strip.

3, no grass, tree from grass trees 1 meter outside pest the pests difficult infringe place.

4, away from the high table, to prevent the risk of travel at night.

5, select the zone to be above may not fall injury stones or other dangerous places, best surrounded by flat.

Third, the drug to prevent harmful substances damage:

In selecting campsites, use sulfur (anti-snake) or to fit the shoe economy around the campsite spray to prevent sea worms enter the camping hurt themselves.

2, tents, outside around the use of stones or other things to the tent to be fixed to prevent strong winds.

Point mosquito coils to pay attention to arson, the best tin mosquito coils mounted on the inside, with ventilation holes to distributing mosquito smoke, do not leave a fire on the outside.

4, the night and out of the tent to be pre-manufactured sound, alerted the tent around hazardous substances to prevent raids.

Night and out of the tent with light first checks to prevent dangerous.

Tent management: damp tent to wait until the tent on the water fully dry before by the circle, to prevent mold damage.

Note: in the rainy season camping camping zone should pay special attention to, pay attention to landslides and flash floods in soil hillside area.

, Pest control, anti-snake: sprinkle some sulfur powder around the camps in inaccessible beach camping must drive the snake, when camping, there are times in Taishan, clearly saw the snake in the camp next to swim through the traces morning. In the grass near the beach, the biggest danger may be ants, grass when ants can put a block desserts look one place to another if there are a lot of ants must. Longines Bay beach, individuals readily put a life jacket on the grass, swimming a look back, the top covered with dark ants terrorist!

Seven, the protection of electronic equipment: playing on the beach, and the damage to cameras and other sophisticated electronic equipment is very large. The best time to prepare a dense bags without phone cameras put, isolated from the rich to the erosion of the salt air. At the beach, even if you do not swim hours blowing sea breeze, and you will feel so sticky, so according to complete phase after the best with a wet paper towel fuselage Wipe clean. Also note that prevent small gravel glued to the fuselage.

Eight on the bonfire: points bonfire on the beach, first dig a bunker, avoided the sea breeze blowing ashes scattered, pollute the environment but also easy to escape. The ignition must be away from the tent, and position in the camp under the wind. Point garbage finished the fire, two days to shovel the walk, which would have the beach ruined very ugly. If you bring a bag of rice, yourself at the beach looking for some shellfish and crab boil a pot of sweet seafood porridge fun. Congee the fire with several sweet corn or potato wrapped in aluminum foil, Dunxiao night will be very rich.
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