Leyburn - April 2011

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Leyburn - April 2011

Postby GypsyLady » Fri Apr 29, 2011 1:41 pm

Just had several days camping at Leyburn....#745 in CAW 6. It is a great open grassed camping area with a flush toilet (no toilet paper) and water on tap though I am not sure if it is potable, no signs to indicate either way.

Showers are available over the creek behind the tennis courts for $2 and you pay and collect the key from the little shop. GREAT hamburgers at the shop and limited grocery items available

It is a freebie camp and I could not find anything to indicate how long you could camp here for...I was there for 6 nights. Campfires allowed and there is also a timber BBQ available near to the creek and a picnic table.

Day use area on the shop side of the creek with tables and BBQs. There is currently a lot of timber laying about near the bridge due to the recent flood waters thought it won't last forever.

There is fishing in the creek and there were a number of Yellow Belly being caught and unfortunately discarded at the time.

There is not a lot of shade which would not make for a good camping in the summer months.

Above all.....it is pet friendly.

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