Leaks in my camper trailer

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Re: Leaks in my camper trailer

Postby will_deness » Sat Apr 05, 2008 10:22 am

That's pretty good info barby Q. Do you have a link to that?
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Re: Leaks in my camper trailer

Postby freerocketman1 » Sat Apr 05, 2008 3:33 pm

Barby-Q wrote:I thought this may help somone

Do you care for your canvas?
Canvas is one of the most widely utilised fabrics in the caravanning, camping and 4WD
industries. Canvas allows manufacturers to easily produce tents, swags and a multitude of
bags and covers. The flexibility of canvas also allows for the custom production of canopies,
annexes and awnings for almost any RV. Therefore canvas care is equally important for
travellers looking to make the most of their investment in caravanning or camping gear.
Want some extra space in your tent or RV? Canvas is a good option.
Canvas features
As with most things, you only get what you pay for and believe it or not Australian canvas
is one of the best. This is not just a patriotic plug, Australian canvas is waterproofed by
completely immersing it in a waterproofing and anti-mould solution before manufacture.
Waterproofing should last for around five years if looked after. Imported canvas is usually
only brushed with the waterproofing solution afterwards. The longevity and waterproofing
of Australian canvas is legendary.
Most widely used on tents and camper/tent trailers, canvas comes in various thicknesses
measured in ounces, i.e. 12 ounce. Each has specific uses and the thickest is not necessarily
the best. Tip: check the UV protection on a canvas product you are looking to buy. There is
no point having only some of your tent or trailer protected while the rest is affected by the
It is best if the canvas products are double stitched poly-cotton. Poly-cotton allows the
strength of the polyester to blend with the cotton content and produce a superior product
both strong and breathable. A breathable fabric allows air to flow through the fabric
without sacrificing waterproofing which ultimately creates a more comfortable product to
live, rest and sleep in.
Pre-trip care
Before going away on your maiden trip, a good option is to ‘weather’ your canvas by
setting it up in the backyard for a day and night to expose it to the dewy air and possibly a
man-made shower from the garden hose. This moisture allows the cotton stitching to
expand and swell which closes up the stitching holes, further waterproofing the product.

Post-trip care
When you get back from your trip, set up your tent or trailer again and hose it down. Wash
off any dirt or animal droppings as soon as possible before they degrade the canvas. If
damp leaves are left in your canvas when it is packed away, they can start to decompose
and possibly stain your canvas. Tent pegs can also leave rust marks if they are wrapped
inside a tent or trailer, so use a designated tent peg bag.
If you do end up with mouldy canvas, don’t panic! Rectify it as soon as possible with a
mould treatment from a specialty store, however it will need to be re-waterproofed just to
be sure. Waterproofing can be re-applied to aging canvas for around $100 or you can do it
yourself with a special water based solution and paint brush or spray equipment. Any other
repairs should be done as soon as possible by a specialist, ready for next time. A wooden
box is a good place to store your canvas product as it keeps it free of moisture and away
from mice.
Tip: avoid using aerosol cans around the canvas, this includes hairspray, deodorant and also
aero guard. If you do your washing inside your tent or trailer, small splashes of detergent
can affect the waterproofing on the canvas.
The use can determine the care of the canvas but store it clean and dry and it will serve you

admin i think this might be worth a sticky, well done barby-q :+
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