size, touring tent and tarp

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size, touring tent and tarp

Postby D_mentias » Sat Oct 25, 2008 9:38 pm

Over the years my camping has evolved....from crawl in tents to stand up ones and equipment has the point where I now need a trailer for it.

I am also disabled so need more equipment.I am on oxygen for a good part of the day so now need a powered site. I can no longer use the gas burner or kero lamps safely...I now have a cooktop and lamp etc... This has severely limited my camping.

Last summer it was so hot my O2 concentrator would overheat of a day in the tent and stop working...that did it time to replace the tent. Plus when I did need a rest last summer the tent was too hot!

I hope to get a touring tent a 9' or 9 plus. Probably oztrail...which is the easiest to set up. I would love the extra room of the plus but if it is a difficult set up....Other campers generally do the tent for me. Some are not real clever with tents. Last year I watched 2 older chaps for ages dither(They bath had vans)...I knew what they had to do but was out of breath and they wouldn;t have listened anyway....after a painful 15 minutes of this a fellow camper stepped in to point out how a dome tent was best errected!

Now because of Uncle Kev's Xmas bonus to us disability lot I will be able to afford a tarp to go over my new tent...What size would you recomend and how many and what type of poles and ropes do you recomend?

I look forward to your suggestions
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Re: size, touring tent and tarp

Postby Blue Bravo » Mon Oct 27, 2008 10:46 pm

We have the Oz Trail 9, but if we wre buying now would go for the 9 plus. Appreciate your issue with others putting up tent. The issue with a tarp over with a Touring tent is the height. You will need poles that can suspend the tarp at around 2 metres. Adjustable ones are available with different locking mechanisms, and it will probably come down to prefference here.
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