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Postby coyotte » Tue Nov 04, 2008 10:14 am

just asking for any views on these tents :

Basically after several decades away from camping I am just setting up to return to it and am overwhelmed with the gear now advailble
Basically will be starting out with short trips locally -- just see what setups work.
Then want to do the trip from Sydney --Perth -- Broome down to Alice --- back to Cooktown -- return to Sydney

The Tent I was looking at was the Oztent RV4 -- main tent 2.4w*2.4d 1.9h + 2.0 annex , Oz claims this can be setup in 30sec -- great for late arrivals

The removable Add-ons are Side Panels---Front Screened front Panel (with drop down closure) all for the main tent Annex and Fly for the Main Tent.

All this adds up to not much change out of $2000

Looking around there are far cheaper set-ups --- But needing a initial quick set up for the main is the Oztent worth the investment .

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Re: OzTents

Postby Blue Bravo » Tue Nov 04, 2008 2:37 pm

Whilst they are a good tent - the 30 second put up is a little short of truth. Whilst it will stand erect you still have to peg out awning etcetc.
A draw back is that they are around 2 metres long when folded. This means they have to go on the roof of most vehicles meaning roof racks etc.

They are very expensive. I believe better value is available with other options. Go to a big camping store where they have a range set up to get a good comparison
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