Best hiking footwear selection - shoes, boots, sandals

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Best hiking footwear selection - shoes, boots, sandals

Postby Matew_hiker » Tue Jan 27, 2009 7:34 am

Vibram soles in outdoor boots

    -For starters, Vibram is a brand name is not a material. Granted, Vibram were the first to manufacture rubber soles for boots.

    -The company was founded by VIttori BRAMaini, whence the name of the company. Bramani decided to create a sole material that would work well on both hard and soft surfaces. He came up with a lugged sole (for soft terrain) made from a durable rubber compound that gripped rock well, and called it Vibram in a contraction of his name.

    -Vibram are the leading outsole producers, but they have some competitors. Today the Vibram company makes all sorts of different soles for hikers and climbers, varying the composition of the sole for better wear or better grip, and designing different lug patterns to accommodate everything from day hikes to vertical rock and ice. Although some boot companies, such as Salomon, make their own soles that are very good, Vibram is sort of the gold standard, and its soles are widely used today.

    -Not all Vibram soles are the same, they have many different compounds so your experience with a type of sole is not often applicable to another.

    -As an example Scarpa SL2 have a very stiff hard wearing compound but are also very slippery (they have almost no grip at all) but I do have some very grippy Vibram sole on some of my other shoes.

    -Almost every good manufacturer of mountain and trekking boots produces soles in cooperation with Vibram. So, almost every good manufacturer inserts Vibram sole even if there is no typical yellow sign on the sole. Mindel, for example, uses colored insertion with huge title Mindel; and one of ad slogans pretty often.

    -By the way, it is indeed possible that Vibram does manufacture and sell outsoles without their brand on them, however it does not mean that they use exactly the same compounds as they do for their own.

Backpacking and trekking boots tips

    -The common rule for choosing trekking/backpacking boots: Take one extra size larger than your normal size. The reason is during a long trekking or backpacking, foot is increasing (swells up). First day it will be free enough, but already the next and followings days it gets close to foot. Basically, before first trekking/backpacking the boots are to be worn in city if possible.

    -La Sportiva and Lowa makes boots with narrower forefoot than other manufacturer's.

    -All trekking boots (but not mountaineering boots) are NOT heat-inslulated - not for serious winter conditions. Internal temperature ajusted wearing socks or multiple pairs of socks.

    -High-quality footwear will generally fit better and last longer. It's worth spending more for a quality product.

    -You should have extra pair - you will ll have what to put on during stopping and lasting halts. Usually is light sandals or Vibram FiveFingers

Best Hiking Boots Brands
-Brands like Meindl, Asolo, Lowa, La Sportiva, Raichle, Kayland, Vasque and Scarpa - have good hiking boots.
best hiking boot selection
Best Hiking Boot - Vasque Breeze GTX GTX

Best Trekking boots Brands

-Brands like Asolo, La Sportiva, Raichle, Lowa and Scarpa - have good trekking boots.
best trekking boots selection

Best Trekking Boot - Lowa Tibet Expert GTX

Best Hiking Shoes Brands
-Brands like La Sportiva, Lowa, Vasque and Garmont have good hiking shoes.
- best hiking shoes selection
Best Hiking Shoe - The North Face Hedgehog GTX XCR

Best Hiking sandals Brands
-Brands like Keen, Teva, Vasque and Salomon - have good hiking sandals.
best hiking sandals selection
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