Waeco PerfectCoffee MC05

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Waeco PerfectCoffee MC05

Postby Bill snd Morag » Thu Apr 23, 2009 1:51 pm

We like our coffee.
The other day at the local BCF I purchased the 12v Waeco PerfectCoffee MC05 for $49.95.
I read the intructions which said
1-A 20 amp fuse and #4 wire are required to run this appliance. No problem as that is the way I have my battery set up in the shed for charging all our rechargable 12v stuff.
2-Run 2 pots of water through it (waiting 10 minutes for cool down between pots) and then it should be ready to make coffee.
I hooked it up, poured in the water and waited.
And waited.
And waited.
30 minutes later it had finally made a full pot. (6 very small cups or 3 real cups)
I waited the required 10 minutes for it to cool down.
Second pot of water gets poured in.
12 minutes later it had only made 2 cups.
At this rate it would be lunch time before I get my morning coffee!!!
I' am taking it back tomorrow.
I' am so unimpressed...
Bill and Morag
Bill snd Morag
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Re: Waeco PerfectCoffee MC05

Postby Komodo » Thu Apr 23, 2009 3:51 pm

Yep they are pretty ordinary.
But you have to remember that its probably rated at about 300 watts if your lucky. When you concider that most kettles are 2000 watts and most pressurised espresso machines are about 1200 watts its fairly easy to see why they fail dismally. I would suggest a BIG sinewave inverter and a compact 240V espresso machine would be better - other wise a bialetti (sp?) or some thing like whats pictured below might be more suitable.

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Re: Waeco PerfectCoffee MC05

Postby CampGrrlz » Thu Apr 23, 2009 5:39 pm

Recently purchased a small stove-top cappucino maker from eBay seller Austeam. It's a very well designed and made in Italy little dynamo, it makes 1 to 2 decent-sized cups of espresso (black) and cappas. Forget the brand (it's packed away who-knows-where at the moment) but it's the Duo meaning it can do black and white, some only do the cappas.

Here is the contact details: eBay user name Austeam (100 percent feedback), shopfront in Sydney at: Austeam Appliances, shop 3 2-4 Stamford Avenue, Ermington 2115. Phone 02 9858 3586 or 1300 132 965. See http://www.austeamappliances.com/.

Apart from being a satisfied customer, I don't have any connection to Austeam but I found their customer service second to none.

Happy capping ;-)


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