new bull bar bug bras,buyers needed,tested product

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new bull bar bug bras,buyers needed,tested product

Postby southportshade » Tue Jun 20, 2006 12:53 pm

:arrow: :D hello all members,we have available for sale bullbar bug bras,4 sizes available right now and we have also applied during manafacture a stayput marquee hook for attaching a camel pack ect to.after we manafactured one for a camping friend who took his 4wd up to the northern territory he suggests we let everyone know that we manafacture these and to get one.the idea of these is they keep out the locusts and other big insects that get sucked in between the radiator cooling fins and also minimse dust through the grill aswell.we have four sizes avaialble,any amount,each design has been twin needle industrial lockstiched,has an sp4 eyelet at each corner,the larger one has an sp4 eyelet in the center aswell and are available in black only at the moment.these are easy to apply to your vehicle,simply thread a ziptie through each sp4 eyelet around your bullbar and its on.manafactured from 70% commercial grade shade cloth so there is still an airflow through to the radiator and are washable too.our friend reckons these are the must have item and to give them a go so we have made plenty of them and they are available right now at the best price we can manafacture them for taking into account our overheads ect we think that yes these are a good product too and good value for what they are.not made in china but right here in australia by us southport shade from our factory.we hope that these become a popular sought after item,please let us know what you think,even better please buy one or as many as you like and try them yourself.we have these listed on another site where you can see pictures of them.we are not promoting this site but here at least you can see them,the address is and our username is southportshade so have a look and we look forward to these being a much wanted and popular product.if there is a specific size that you think we should manafacture please let us know.
paul herrick,
owner of
southport shade
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Postby Kramer » Tue Jun 20, 2006 2:36 pm

They look the goods I will be ordering one soon as I measure my landcruiser bullbar up.

You could also advertise these on some 4WD forums:

there are a whole heap more aussie ones on the net they are just the ones I use.
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bull bar bug bras

Postby southportshade » Wed Jun 21, 2006 8:55 am

thankyou for your input and yes please buy one,also we appreciate the referrals to these other sites too,we have no idea how many sites are out there, but would appreciate anyone pointing out to us other areas where this new manafactured product can be advertised and aimed at the correct market.we are a small family operated business and are hoping that this product will be succesfull and we need lots of support, aswell as any suggestions regarding sizes or other inclusions to the bullbar bug bra besides the marquee hook which we could add on during manafacture.
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