Down jacket - Recommendation

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Down jacket - Recommendation

Postby cherish3 » Thu Jun 10, 2010 12:26 pm

hi Everyone

Just wanted to find out if people use a down jacket at camp, what would you recommend.

I havent as yet camped in cold weather, grampians in sept will be our first coldish one. I am into bushwalking so most of the time I will be walking from base camp. I suppose I am tossing up getting one that i could use down the track as well, if I manage to go down to tasmania for the Overland track, etc and winter in London.

Thank you
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Re: Down jacket - Recommendation

Postby Little Kopit » Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:36 pm

If you are going off the continent of Australia for your living or visiting, consider going to a supplier from a colder climate.

I say that partly because I have heard of an Aussie couple who went to Japan for a skiing holiday and found themselves always cold. That could be true because Japan may be a more humid climate than Oz.

My favourite place to go for winter wear is Mountain Equipment Coop, I have one non-down, but artificial fill insulation jacket for 5' to -15' with low to moderate wind. My down jacket I wear when the wind is over 40 km/hr or the temps are below -15'. I live in a humid area of Canada. Salt water is less than 5 km from my home.

I have called MEC, when in doubt, and they have told me that one of my possibilities was really made for Canada's Prairies - Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba - where the climate is dry.

I have been using MEC as one of my major outdoors suppliers for 40 years.

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