Going without the powerpoint... what do we need???

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Re: Going without the powerpoint... what do we need???

Postby mummeee74 » Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:59 pm

Hi Komodo, sorry for the slow reply, had troubles logging on and then I um well... forgot!

"Where are you putting the battery in the camper?"
Actually I can't work out where it should go to be honest. I was thinking of putting it in the boot of the car, while travelling and then just next to the fridge in the tent.

"Seriously though 30kgs (typical weight of a 100AH battery) is only the weight of the average 7yr old. Its a one man lift."
This is true, although my 7yo is lucky to weigh 20kgs, BUT DH is also convincing me the weight is not a huge issue. I was just concerned because we do slow down quite a bit up hills (yes front wheel drive and 1.6L Petrol). Also partly due to the braking capacity, although as you mentioned we could get brakes installed. We don't have the pushing problem though, so I think I am overreacting. I do think we have added so much stuff to our trailer that we might need to just take it over a weighbridge and double check it's weight. The heaviest things we carry are the tent poles and the Waeco. Gas bottle is just 3kg and does us well.

"Reading your earlier posts you talked about taking a camp oven. I hope your talking about a spun steel unit not a cast iron one?"
Actually a glass turbo oven - obviously won't be coming bush.

"How much water are you taking?"
Mostly we buy a large water bottle/cask when we get somewhere but we might have to review that, we do have a water tank but never fill it.

"What does your setup consist of? Obviously you have a camper trailer so your not lugging a tent what are the main "weight" items?"
I guess as I said before the tent poles & fridge, but we have just added 2 x hammocks for the kids rather than the foam mattresses, give us more room under the cover. Nothing else is particularly heavy, gas bottle, lightweight aluminium coleman bbq, plywood pantry, 1 x 60L plastic box, 2 x small aluminium tables, 1 x bench seat style aluminum table set. Then it's just the sleeping bags really and bits and bobs.

We went away this weekend and the LED tent light was great and so were our new extra warm sleeping bags, so I didn't need heater or e/blankets (OK I know you are laughing) but it WAS a bit cold. Next is to get a light sorted out and we are thinking when we get that (gas or battery) we might try a weekend with the old esky and frozen 3L milk bottle and see how we like it in the bush before we go and install the battery setup.

Let you know how we go! Thanks for your help Komodo it is really appreciated :)
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