Coleman chalet or oztrail elite dome

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Coleman chalet or oztrail elite dome

Postby John a » Thu Jan 06, 2011 4:41 pm

Hi guys,
First time poster. I'm trying to decide between the Coleman chalet 9 cv xl or the oztrail elite villa dome 2011.
If you could provide any info on quality issues between the two or an features that may be preferable that would be fantastic.
John a
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Re: Coleman chalet or oztrail elite dome

Postby Tentworld » Thu Jan 06, 2011 6:30 pm

Hi John,

We have sold both tents and had many happy customer reviews on both.
The Chalet 9 CV XL is now a discontinued model and Coleman haven't had any for quiet some time, so it may be hard to find. The Chalet 9 CV is still an ongoing model howerver if you are interested in it.

The OZtrail Elite Villa Dome 2011 (DTE-VI9-D) is the newest version of probably the most popular family tent in Australia. It represents great value for money. The tent is well made, has a practical layout, is very spacious and fully sealed by both mesh and solid window/door covers. The tent also comes packed in a convenient wheeled carry bag.

Setup of either tent will take about the same time(30-45mins) and neither is harder than the other.

We currently have the; OZtrail Elite Villa 2010, Oztrail Elite Villa 2011 & Coleman Chalet 9 CV tent's instock, if you are interested, more information on these can be seen on our website.

If you choose either of these tents I am sure you will not be disappointed and have many happy camping trips.

Happy Camping!
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Re: Coleman chalet or oztrail elite dome

Postby sienna » Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:40 pm

I have the slightly older version of the Oztrail villa dome. Late 2006 model I think.
Have been camping in it a few times in all different weather and never really had a problem with it.
I really liked the layout and found that the head room in the end rooms much better than some. I've seen the new versions and think that they would be great with all the extra improvements oztrail have made. You would be quite happy with one. I've never used a coleman so I can't compare.

Since I upgraded to a camper trailer, I use the oztrail as a back up for visiting family. My sister, her partner and two kids stayed in it for a week over easter. Very practical for families with kids as you have two separate bedrooms a well as two other rooms to use.
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Re: Coleman chalet or oztrail elite dome

Postby Brad M » Tue Jan 18, 2011 9:11 pm

Hi John

I'm also a newbie and they are the two tents I researched quite extensively before actually opting for the Oztrail Breezeway Chalet 4. I almost purchased the Villa until I spoke with a salesperson at the Qld Caravan and Camping expo at the RNA showgrounds. We have an 18 month old son we had to consider and here's what the sales person said that convinced me to go for the Chalet 4.
- if you want to cover your tent and dining area with a tarp, the Villa is a BIG tent - means big tarp ($$).
- need to consider your tent size if you're going to be staying in caravan parks etc for the size of the site.
- the Villa is great for big families but a bit of overkill for small families like ours.
- with small children you'll want them in the same room as you at nite, not in a separate one.

We got the Chalet 4 and a king size inflatable mattress so that all three of us are together at nite. We've only done a trial run in the back yard since we've bought the tent, but it was exactly what my wife and I wanted. Our little bloke sleeps between us and we all have enough room to get to sleep. The front room is actually big enough to set up our table and chairs too.

Down the track, when our kid(s) are older, we'll be looking at something like the Villa. I loved the screened room on the front of the tent and how much space it had.

Good luck with it.

Brad M
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