Just got myself a really cool torch for my next camping trip

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Just got myself a really cool torch for my next camping trip

Postby randomman » Tue Dec 19, 2006 7:08 am

I got this 1950's Rayovac torch from the USA on ebay for about $20 after postage, it's all metal & glass construction with a near perfect chrome finish and works like new. (the middle one)


It's the one in the middle shown next to another vintage light and a 2C cell Maglite on the right.

I did some modifications to it to make it approximately 15X brighter (500 lumens) & rechargeable by using 6AA batteries instead of 2 D's and a bulb from an American firefighters lantern. It runs for 1.5hrs per charge and is comparable to my bike's headlight only whiter.
Here's a pic showing the difference in the beam between standard & modified:

It fits easily into the pockets of most pants & shorts - only problem is after about 15 minutes the head gets really hot.

Can't wait for my next bushwalk.
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