Crows Nest National Park, Qld

Crows Nest National Park, Qld

Postby offroader » Mon Jan 30, 2006 4:22 pm

Situated 50 klms north of Towoomba is the tranquil Crows Nest National Park. The amenities could have used a clean before the weekend, but that would be the only criticism. You must either bring in your own drinking water or use the donkey boiler for ALL your drinking water. All supplies and fuel are readily available (including bottled water) in the township of Crows Nest, only 5 klms away.

The park is only small with 13 smallish campsite available. They are however suitable for camper trailers. I don't use one but there were several being used during my stay there. If you arrive there and find the campsites all taken there is a large van park back in town.

The park is very peaceful and many any hour can be spent at the creek about 100meters from the campsite. The creek meanders to the cascades, down to the pool and along the Valley of Diamonds. During my stay the weather swung from hot to overcast and cool. The nights were pleasant and easy to get to sleep.

During my 4 days there I didn't see one Lace Monitor - that for me is some kind of record :!: I did see two bush turkeys ( 1 male - 1 female) and a rock wallaby.

All up I enjoyed my stay and now look forward to my next camping trip, wherever that will be.
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