NSW- Hastings Point Caravan Park

NSW- Hastings Point Caravan Park

Postby violetmay » Sun Oct 07, 2007 8:26 pm

This park is one of seven tweed council owned. http://www.tchp.com.au/ is the website for all of them. If you check out the photo gallery for Hastings Point and examine the aerial photo, you will see that the location of the park is magic. It is in the centre of the photo, almost surrounded by a river, with the sea infront of it. There is a bridge just past the park.

The river is a wonderful playground for kids, at all tide levels. Behind the caravan park at very lowtide the river becomes a hive of activity for yabbie pumpers. You are not allowed to fish off the bridge, but you can fish under the bridge (both sides) and there was heaps of people fishing including us (mostly catching bream). We put a crab pot down from the bridge, got a girl, but threw it back. There is kayak hire during the day. If you walk up to the ocean, it is pristine beach (actually a dog beach) one side of the river and rocks to explore on the other. There was a lovely lookout you could drive up just up from the rocks area that was magical. Kids could just spend days and days playing in the whole area and never get bored or tired of it. You can get pipis from the surf beach by digging in your heels in the sand. We tried this morning, but I don't think the tide was low enough.

The park itself was fine. Not many features, a toilet block, a shower block/laundry. No camp kitchen. The caretakers were friendly and helpful. There are some pretty strict rules on the website about power cables and location of tents on sites. I was campig with another lady and her son, and we were allowed to have our tents facing eachother with our dining shelters/tarps in between to make a covered area for tables/chairs (this was lovely until the wind destroyed it all LOL). We got two sites just behind the river (few mangroves), so the kids could walk down onto the river bank and explore. There is one shop in hastings point, so make sure you bring all food you need with you.

There is a play equipment and a bbq across the road from the caravan park, so you really didn't need to have these features in the caravan park. The location of the park itself was so magical, that you don't need anything else fancy like games rooms etc. There is a Big 4 down the road a bit that has all these features (I went and checked them out) and it was all nice there, but really not necessary at all.

One man we spoke to (who took me, my friend and the 4 kids between us yabbie pumping and gaves us all the bait) had been to Hastings Point 4 times this year already. He just keeps coming back there as it so beautiful. Another couple there we spoke actually owned a van there and paid weekly rental fees to have it as a permanent holiday location. My friend asked about management about the cost, it's quite cheap $15000 for the van and $8 a week and you can stay 150 nights a year.

Oh we drove down to Pottsville South caravan park (another tweed coast one) and it was lovely too. Much bigger park and lovely safe area for the kids to play in the water. Another river meets the sea area. It had a bridge that people were fishing off.

In summary, Hastings Point is a lovely lovely place to visit. Only 2 hours or so drive from Brisbane (not that hard to find, I managed to get lost even with a GPS, but that is just me LOL). Just so lovely. The sort of place you would go back to time and time again.
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Postby Scolers » Mon Oct 08, 2007 7:42 am

Terrific report ... thanks for taking the time to post it up!


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