Mimosa Rocks National Park - Middle Beach and comparison

Mimosa Rocks National Park - Middle Beach and comparison

Postby Lin » Wed Nov 04, 2009 2:39 pm

Just came back from Middle Beach in Mimosa Rocks. This is my (quick) review. Might add some pics later.

Lovely beach, short stroll from the campsite.
Awesome spot at the top of the steps down to the beach to drink our morning coffee or afternoon beer.
Ocean views from the tent!
Lace monitors galore
Would probably rarely get very busy.
Campfires allowed, firewood provided
Lagoon nearby
Wapengo Lake (another larger lagoon) just a short drive away
Popular spot with whales, dolphins, fishermen and surfers so lots to look at on/in the water

Only one grassy site that you have to share with whoever is there, so no privacy
No fireplaces with barbecues
Firewood ran out on the 3rd day
Have to carry all your gear from car to site: about 50 metres along a dirt track (lots of roots, trolley was hard work too)
Lagoon was cut off from the ocean and water looked rather toxic
Wildlife-wise not as interesting as other places there
Not that much shade

I camed at Gillards' Beach and Arragunnu too. Gillards' is my favourite site. It has lovely private campsites with lots of trees and shrubs and private access to the dunes and the beach. There are heaps and heaps of wallabies and kangaroos that wander through your camp. Unfortunately it is also the most popular one and last time I went there at the start of November it was completely full with caravans. Only place there where you can go with caravans too.

Arragunnu is also lovely to camp. There are some beautiful walks there and also plenty of wildlife. But you don't have ocean views from the campsite and it's a bit of a stroll and a long staircase down to the beach.

Next year we might check out the one we haven't been to yet: Picnic Point at Wapengo lake.

All of the other 3 have the great fireplaces with BBQs and hooks. And all campsites have pit toilets, bins and firewood provided.
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