Vic - Murray River Reserves : Echuca to Robinvale

Vic - Murray River Reserves : Echuca to Robinvale

Postby Young Camping Family » Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:32 pm

Over the Easter long weekend we had the pleasure of visiting this area on our first family camping trip.
It is a bush setting, with camp sites able to be found in various locations along the river bank in clearings. Vacant spaces can be located anywhere from 200m apart to 1km or more so it pays to know the area.
There are no amenities (drinking water, toilets, showers, electricity, etc) so it is a "take what you want" or go without.
In some places the river bank can be quite steep which can be a problem if you are carting water from the river for use (not drinking!) so it's best to inspect different places and find one suitable.
It can be known to get quite busy over the peak travel times - especially Easter, and it is a first-in-best-dressed and those arriving later will have to keep driving until they find somewhere vacant (or in our case, go with friends who arrived a week earlier to secure our space!).
Also, some tracks are better than others and some care needs to be taken so as not to scratch your car or break an axel! Definitely not a place to go if it is raining heavily as getting bogged may be an issue.
While we were there a ranger did do a drive by to check the policies of the Parks Vic - such as camping and fire restrictions. These can be found on the website :

I don't think I would like to go camping in "the wild" if we were on our own, but with a group of friends it was fantastic and provided a bit more reassurance and safety (especially when we heard the occasional gun shot).

The best part is that it costs nothing to camp there, so you can save the $20+ per night it costs to camp in a camping/caravan park.

Definitely peaceful and beautiful!

Campfire and River:


Hubby and our tent:

With 8 males it was all about size... :roll: :lol:
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