Midginbil Hill Farmstay - Review

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Midginbil Hill Farmstay - Review

Postby trevc » Mon Feb 05, 2007 9:36 pm

This is only our 3rd camping trip and I thought I would do a small report on our most recent trip.

We spent the last 5 days (4 nights) camping at Midginbil Hill (MH)Farmstay/Camp Grounds. (http://www.midginbilhill.com.au/)

Adults $10/night, kids over 4 $7.

MH is located about 15 mins from Uki / 30 mins from Mulwillinbah, Northern NSW. It is about 5 k's off the main road, with about 1/2 of that dirt.

We arrived after the reception had closed so made our way down to the camping area. As this was the first w/e after school holidays we had the place to ourselves. Appearently the week before there was 200 people staying there - we planned well. Over the whole 4 days there was only 2 other families and each was camped in a seperate area to ours.

There are 3 different camping areas, with around 10 - 15 sites per area. Each site seemed to have a fire-ring and hot plate arrangement, with the only difference that I could see was orientation to the morning/afternoon sun, and proximity to the basic but clean amenities block. Some of the sites a some way away from the blocks so I imagine those that don't mind roughing it a bit more would be better suited to those.

We setup the rented Jonno's CT on a fairly even, large site and was protected from early morning and afternoon sun by some large shady trees. Another couple joined us for two nights and they pitched a tent on an ajoining site.

As far as the facility itself goes, there is not a lot to do except relax. There is a creek runnng thru the place but it was very dry. Also there is a 90min walk to a look out, but with kids 2 and 4 we thought we could do without this time around. They do have a saltwater swimming pool which we used a couple of times a day.

Their website gives info on other activities such as horseridind, archery and canoing but these were not available during our visit (and we wouldn't have partook anyway). There is a very friendly small town shop to the west (on the way to Nimbin) that sells everything from ice to beer to tennis balls.

All in all MH is a pretty clean, basic open plan camp site suited to families and couples alike.

Would we go back? Sure would, but after trying some other camping grounds first.

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Postby elpaulos » Mon Feb 05, 2007 10:55 pm

Thanx for the review. You've sold me :+
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Postby Kramer » Wed Feb 07, 2007 11:31 am

Hmm close to Nimbin can you smell the hippy's from there or not? :booty
Sounds like a nice place would love to go there one day but not during winter I bet.
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Postby trevc » Wed Feb 07, 2007 1:21 pm

No...plenty of fresh air between.
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