Easter Camping

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Easter Camping

Postby mllbrown » Wed Mar 30, 2005 5:08 pm

Just got back from four wonderful days at Wombeyan Caves near Golbourn in NSW. What a fantastic location to take the family.

We had 13 people camping in our group, there was plenty of space so that you were not camping ontop of each other and aside from a minor injury to myself the weekend went without a hitch.

They have five interesting caves to look through. Four are guided tours and one (where I got injured) is a self guided tour. I would suggest you take a torch with you if you are doing the self-guided as the lights went out on us a couple of times.

The staff there are wonderful and couldn't be anymore helpful after I hurt my ankle. One of the guides was behind us when I fell and stayed with me all the way out of the cave. First aid came to our campsite to look at the injury and for the rest of the weekend they were asking after me everytime they saw my wife.

I cannot suggest strongly enough a trip to Wombeyan Caves if you are in the area, just leave yurself a coupole of days to see all the caves.
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Wombeyan Caves

Postby lollylegs71 » Sat Jan 14, 2006 12:53 pm

We have been to Wombeyan caves also, and had a great time with our kids. You can take a (fairly long) walk along a marked trail and end up at the bottom of a gorge with beautiful water to splash and swim in. We were also able to have a real campfire, with safe concreted areas to have the fire in. Our kids were about 5 and 7 at the time and had no trouble in the caves we went to.
We will definitely go back there. A word of warning, the road to get there from Mittagong is about 40 km of winding dirt track on edge of mountains. Give the kids travel sick medicine if needed!! :lol:
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