Fridge storage

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Fridge storage

Postby garbage » Thu Sep 20, 2007 7:17 pm

I've finally put down some hard earned and bought myself a Bushman 52L fridge. For those of you who have fridges, do you keep it in the tent or the car? Am I right in saying the tent would probably be cooler and cause the fridge to draw less current?
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Postby Komodo » Thu Sep 20, 2007 7:19 pm

I leave mine in the car. I leave my windows down though as much as possible.

I have had it in the tent - the difference is not that great - the main issue though is that my fridge weighs a tonne - especially when loaded! (if an 80L waeco)

Let us know how the bushman goes!!!
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Postby kazzakanary » Thu Sep 20, 2007 7:25 pm

We need to get a fridge! Just haven't got a spare $100 lying around unfortunately - we need at least 45-55 litres.
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Postby Ozzycamperboy » Thu Sep 20, 2007 8:07 pm

Last time i camped with it I left mine in the back of the car:



It later rained on it tho.... but it was fine :armsup
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Postby garbage » Thu Sep 20, 2007 10:52 pm

Is theft an issue when it comes to fridges?
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Postby Jason01 » Mon Oct 01, 2007 4:47 pm

I wanted to put my fridge in my camper but I needed to run generators or external battery, so its in the car with the dual battery system. On longer base camp trips I do supplement the batteries with a generator but I try to limit the use due to noise. The only problem I've had with the fridge in the car is when my second battery lost a cell (bad battery mangagement) and the fridge wouldnt cool down properly. As for theft I have a patrol wagon and its locked at night and when we go on walks. I havent really come accross theft while camping, but its always on the back of my mind.

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Postby Kramer » Mon Oct 01, 2007 5:22 pm

I leave mine in the car basically because it is too heavy when full to take out easily. I have a reefer brand fridge and they didn't come out with a cool bag like the Waeco's so I throw a doona over mine and it works really well then.
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Postby Blue Bravo » Mon Oct 01, 2007 9:11 pm

I leave mine in the back of the truck - too heavy to keep moving it. If staying on power for some time would move to keep it on 240 volt though.
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