Camping Site north of Perth WA

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Camping Site north of Perth WA

Postby jonno » Fri Nov 09, 2007 1:41 pm

Hey all.

I'm organising the Annual Camping Trip for a group of friends. Last year we spent a long weekend down in Busselton. It was fun; about 10 adults, 5 tents, alcohol, campfire, wine tours, etc.

Planning to do it again in January, but this time heading north - I'm thinking Lancelin direction. Does anyone have some suggestions based on the following:

- There will be around 10-15 adults
- We'll have cars and not 4wd's
- Will be camping in tents (because camping is intense! *sigh*)
- Females will be going so need shower & toilet facilities
- We won't be going to bed at 9pm, so need an area away from everyone else where we can have some drinks and make some medium levels of noise.
- Within 15mins drive to the beach
- Anything else you regular-camp-goer people can recommend!

We're all coming from Perth... if that helps? :p

Thanks, and looking forward to some suggestion :)

Edit: Also open to suggestions of cabins instead of tents ;)
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Postby Scolers » Fri Nov 09, 2007 3:04 pm

What time of year are you looking at?

If you don't mind travelling a tad further (say 2.5 hrs max but less if you live int he northern suburbs) you could try Cervantes. You have the Pinnacles, beach, the caravan park is great for tents and there are a number of jetties to fish from.

If you want to 'get away' from caravan parks you could try Sandy Cape ... just psat Jurien. There are drop toilets but now showers. It's right on the beach and you pay a fee at the Jurien shire council.

Hope that helps.

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