Feedback on Burrum Coast National Park

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Feedback on Burrum Coast National Park

Postby Tracka Boof » Tue Nov 08, 2005 8:07 pm

My wife & I went on an exploration drive to Palm Beach in Burrum Coast National Park. We had a look at the beach side camp sites there. They looked alright. Can anyone tell me if it's a nice place to camp? Is it busy during peak times, does it get visits from hoodlums and other unpleasent, noisy (so called) campers?

Any feed back would great.

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Burrum Coast National Park

Postby Joy » Tue Nov 08, 2005 10:04 pm

I haven’t had the opportunity to stay there yet so cannot provide much help but had a look on the parks website and it sounds and looks good.

I note some of their comments certainly imply that the most you are going to have to worry about is the kangaroos.

"Relax and enjoy this coastal retreat away from the crowds. Picnic at Walkers Point or Hoppy Lark’s Creek. Toilets are provided just outside the park at Walker’s Point. Please do not feed the kangaroos. They can become aggressive when fed." Here is the link if it helps at all.
National Parks

Would love to have your comments on your return, perhaps a few pics. Enjoy,
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Postby Ingenious » Wed Nov 09, 2005 12:33 am

If you mean the Burrum Point camping ground which is in the National Park with 4x4 access road, It is a top spot to camp & you should have it all to yourselfs at offpeak times, but during peak period Christmas etc. you have to be booked well in advance, even the ranger in charge takes his van & family camping down there. If your enquiring about the caravan park then I can't help you sorry!
P.S. Thanks for posting up the link Admin. it helps me remember where i've been & where people are talking about, because names of places all sound the same after you've been to so many places.
Cheers terry :wink:
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Burrum Coast camping

Postby offroader » Mon Nov 21, 2005 5:37 pm

The national park on the northern side of the Burrum River is Woodgate Nat Park. It is as Terry says, a 4x4 road in, very loose, sandy track, crossed by several tree roots. It is a beautiful, quiet place, and as the sign at Childers suggests - it's where nature spends it's holidays.

The turn off to Woogate is at Childers on the Bruce H'way or from the north, there is a road direct from Bundaberg, about 60 klms from memory.

Entry to the national park is along the Walkers Point Rd at the southern end of Woodgate. You won't get lost, simply drive into Woodgate and turn right along The Esplanade (doesn't every place have an Esplanade !!!) :D

Be extremely careful swimming in the Burrum - I saw a monster white pointer in there, taking a mackeral - what an awesome sight !!!! :shock:

Kangaroos are the only pest you are likely to meet and yes, the ranger does holiday in there !!

Kinkuna Nat Park, on the road from Woodgate to Bunderberg, has plenty of 4x4 tracks, many more than Woodgate NP, but definately camp at Woodgate and take the 40 min drive to Kinkuna NP.

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Postby KerryandWendy » Thu Jan 05, 2006 8:02 pm

Palm Beach is in the Burrum end (Northern end of Woodgate National Park) and has no relationship to the Burrum River.

The Southern end of the Woodgate National Park has a campground locally known as North Shore which is on the banks of where the Burrum enters the Sea.

Of the two I prefer North Shore to Palm Beach, it is better organised and firmer surface with places to go. If you have a tinny you can nick across the Burrum and there are full shopping facilities including chemist, butcher and supermarket.

From the North shore you can drive about ten kilometers along Woodgate Beach and enter the Esplanade from an entry point just up from twelth avenue.

There is a bowls club which serves meals and a small general business, further down there is a coffee shop and the Woodgate Beach Hotel then a little further there is Theodolite Creek which is a great safe swimming spot for the kids and good fishing with yabbie banks.

Palm Beach is a good spot but North shore has the seclusion within reach of good facilities. If you have a tinny and chose to go to Palm Beach there is a little reef about 500metres ofshore where you will catch fish all year round. It is directly out from the oak trees at the southern end of the Palm Beach camping area or the first ramp closest to Theodolite creek.

You can still drive down the beach to the Northern side of Theodolite Creek and go fishing but it is rumoured there are sharks which lurk at that entrance to the creek waiting for the outpour of fish during tides.

Anywhere on the Burrum Coast where camping is allowed is GREAT. You can not miss either way. I just like to be in reach of a few creature comforts while roughing it. I think the showers and toilets at the North Shore are better than Palm Beach as well.
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