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Postby Beau » Mon May 19, 2008 9:03 pm

Central Coast Campers wrote:We all (most of us) usually carry a first aid kit when camping and I'd like to ask what extras do you pack with it ?

Mate, the only extra I take is medication, medic kits are pretty well stocked as far as first aiding goes, but not much chop if you get crook.
So pain meds first, always no name/chemist brand generic "panadine" as it has a higher codine content than the brand name, Antibiotics, if I cant manage a script or able to "borrow" some I will just get some from the fish tank shops, :shock: aquariums...thats it i just rememberd what they are called lol.
but yeah thats the only extra medic stuff I have in my kit, oh I do have a of dental product for the kit that i bought from the chemist, just temporary filling paste.
Beats a melted candle wax if you loose a filling lol.
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