Canoeing/rapids - Barrington river glaucester?

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Canoeing/rapids - Barrington river glaucester?

Postby Ozzycamperboy » Wed Sep 06, 2006 11:35 pm

Has anyone done this? -
The trip i'm thinking of doing is when they drive you 1 1/2hr up the mountain with gear + canoes, drop you off and say see ya tomorrow. You spend the day canoeing through rapids, camp on the bank sumwhere overnight, and continue down river to the boat shed in the morning.

How rough or hard is it? They chick on the phone was really trying to convince me not to go for the 2man canoe, but just go a kayak and stay at the lodge overnight...(scolers?? :mrgreen: ) but i wana camp overnight away from civilisation, and there's no room for gear in the kayak. How much harder is the 2 person canoe? And how likely am I to die or get seriously injured? :D
They say up to grade 3 rapids.

I want to do from cobark Junction to the little arrow bit past rocky crossing
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