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Meet an outdoor type

Postby Activity_Dept » Thu Sep 22, 2005 1:43 pm

Hopefully most of you would be aware of the ‘matching’ service free to members of camping. This service has over, 7,500 members (although not all dating) and provides a basic profile search and mail system. Nothing fancy but will allow you to search profiles and approach someone anonymously with a view to building a relationship of sorts.

These relationships may include finding a date/partner (obviously the most common), swingers ‘adventurous outdoor couples’ (now that puts a new angle on camping :shock:), but I also noted 4 wheel drive groups, fishing buddies etc. So it is used really as a matching system what ever your interest (within reason) of course. :wink:

:idea: So we would like to see more people accessing it and signing up. One thing I will add if you do sign up and this is directed at both boys and girls the system offers you anonymity this is done so you can talk freely which means be proactive, the system does not do anyone any good if we have 7,500 people on the system waiting for someone to mail them :roll: …

Any comments you have on the system or ideas on how we can improve are always appreciated. You can have a look here remember its free, not the most advanced system but it works so follow your nose and enjoy Join Camping Now :P
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