Kill two birds with one stone

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Kill two birds with one stone

Postby Brad M » Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:21 pm

Hi guys,

Haven't been able to check on any forums for a long while now - been busy with work, having kids etc etc

Just a couple quick questions for anyone on the group who might know - are you allowed to drink alcohol in all of the QLD National Park camping sites? My mates and I are wanting to start regular monthly catchups, now that we all have kids and very little time, so we're trying to organise "micro-camping" trips. Basically Friday and Saturday night away, with the theme of "Beers Under the Stars Around the Fire". We're looking at Clancy's Camping area at Beerwah for the first one and don't want to turn up and find out we can't drink.

Secondly, this little venture with my mates has allowed me to finally buy a swag. I've never owned anything canvas before and I've been seasoning it with the hose, twice every day for the last week, but it's still leaking at the seams in a few spots. The manufacturer said I should persist with wetting it daily and eventually it will just seal up once the threads and canvas have expanded. Just wondering if that's correct or if I need to start looking at those waterproofing sprays and/or waxes.

Also, if anyone can recommend good 1-2 night spots around the sunshine coast for our monthly boys trips that would be great. It needs to be somewhere we can get to before dark from Brisbane after work on a Friday arvo. One of our blokes is a bit precious too, so toilets and showers are also a "would be nice".

Looking forward to getting back out there.


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Re: Kill two birds with one stone

Postby Onedodger » Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:56 pm

In a camp situation a tipple would be allowed as long as no one gets too full.

As for the swag, get a candle and rub the wax along the seams has worked on many of our tents and even on the rol out awning.
Boy do I love this second childhood.
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