Shopping for a campervan.

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Shopping for a campervan.

Postby Fonty » Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:30 am

Hi guys. My car died about a month ago and I've got enough moey coming by the end of next week to buy a half decent campervan hopefully. I will have $6,000 to spend on it, that's twice as much as I had for my last kombi campervan which was the best car I've ever owned! Well, I am biased, I do like vee-dubs. I could have a bit more to spend on extras but the price for the car has to be $6,000 or below.

I would like a late 80's kombi this time, done up as a campervan of course, but would settle for any model campervan suitable for that price. I know they can be got for that price because I saw one for $5,500 when I first checked out the market in early November. I doubt that one is still going but it gives me hope. :)

So any advice you guys can give me in looking would be great. I'm no novice but far from expert. I've also put this post on here rather than the campervan forum in case anyone hears of a good deal before christmas- or after for that matter if I don't have any luck right away. You don't have to own a campervan and read that forum to hear of a good deal. :)

So wish my luck, I've been restricted to walking and jogging the neighbourhood lately and it's damned boring! I need to get out somewhere less civilised for a while. And the sooner the better.


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Postby jasonb » Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:58 pm

hi mate ,do you know about aussieveedubs ,dsk and some other web sites like those ,give em a try there good people and vw lovers ,,
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