Cast Iron Cooking gear.

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Cast Iron Cooking gear.

Postby Titch » Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:10 pm

So as not to thread steal Hoadie,s post on Cooking gear,I have a Question.
Over the years I have tried many Cast Iron cooking utensils,I have always been Disappointed with the Metallic taste.
Is it just me or My Old metal Teeth fillings?
I tend to use spun metal products ( Bedourie, Not sure of the spelling) or stainless as I get no taste from them.
Maybe I have been doing something wrong.
As a kid we had a cast Iron kettle hanging in the fire place and a Cauldron type Cast cooking pot and I do not remember any unpleasant metal taste from them.
Any Ideas?
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Re: Cast Iron Cooking gear.

Postby Little Kopit » Sun Aug 08, 2010 9:27 pm

I have to admit using cast iron for heating water is something I don't do.

I use them for food, things that are food from stew to chili and baked beans for larger pots.

My fav is a frying pan, a Wagner 10" with lid.

Now, these uses require seasoning to keep the iron in shape, make the utensil last and all.

This means getting ALL of the rust OFF. Then covering with thin coat of oil, very thin. Go over all surfaces very lightly with a dry towel to get rid of excess.

Put it oven over 400'F for 1 hour at that heat

Cool in oven and Repeat oil coating 2x more.

You should have a nice shiny hard coat and black.

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Re: Cast Iron Cooking gear.

Postby Dodgy_Dave » Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:08 am

If your getting a bit of a metalic taste, it would need to be re-seasoned.
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Re: Cast Iron Cooking gear.

Postby GollyGee » Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:29 am

I've never noticed a metallic taste Titch. I use a cast iron frypan most days.
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Re: Cast Iron Cooking gear.

Postby GypsyLady » Tue Aug 10, 2010 12:10 pm

GollyGee wrote:I've never noticed a metallic taste Titch. I use a cast iron frypan most days.

I think maybe it's just Titch....he's a bit
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