Things to do before you go on holidays

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Things to do before you go on holidays

Postby Woodsy » Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:54 pm

We are getting ready to go on a road trip to some places we havent been to before and i'm getting the car ready for the trip so i thought i would give everyone a list on what to do before you go away to save you from being stranded.

We have a 1996 Commodore which has been lowered, this is what i'm doing to it before we go. We havent taken this car on a long road trip before so that is why the list is so long, you will probably be able to skip afew steps but this is what i do.

* Engine Oil Change & Filter, check water pump and If your timing belt is due to be changed get it done BEFORE you go on holidays.
* New Fuel filter
* Spare auxiliary belt
* Engine Radiator Flushed, New Thermostat & COOLANT plus a Seal Tab
* Bug shield fitted infront of radiator - Either going to be shade cloth or a metal type
* Only taking the tools that fit the car plus duct tape & cable ties & tyre pressure gauge
* Spare tyre checked and make sure you have a working jack & wheel brace. If the spare tyre is under the boot floor which will be covered in luggage, you can remove the spare tyre, pack luggage in its place and secure the tyre in the boot itself, it saves pulling everything out of the boot in order to get to your spare tyre but if you do this make sure the jack is easily accessible too.
* Tyre pressures checked 7 make sure your tyres are roadworthy, it might save your life. Correct pressures will also help save you fuel.
* Portable air compressor
* Portable work light
* Drinking water
* Clean your car before you go, i'm always happier in a clean car and you dont want grumpy people on a holiday
* If your towing a trailer make sure it is road worthy, all lights work, is registered, check the tyres for tread and pressures and check the wheel bearings, i see so many trailers with sheered axles on the side of the road and make sure you have a spare for it.

Thats all i can think of at the moment i'm sure i will add more to it as it comes to mind, you might think the list is abit long but if it saves you when your in the middle of no where then i think its worth it.
Cheers Josh
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