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Postby Soren G » Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:55 am

Rosco1 wrote:Ha...Soren,,,,The supplier of your ''Time info'' re '''Australia 8 to 12 hours "behind". Has really put you up the creek this time.............

You are going to have to learn that ''WE'' ARE INFRONT'' of you....not behind....!!!!!!!!!!! :beer


Hold your horses there,Rosco...I do know that Australia is (nearly)a whole day AHEAD of us,but for a chat,it´s more important what time of the day it is,rather than the date.So please,let the water drain from the creek :lol:
I was just reminded of this fact when I tried to call the WA immigration office:I called Friday night and didn´t consider that it was Saturday morning and the office was closed...surprise! :lol:
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