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Postby itchyvet » Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:52 am

:hello: Hi folks, directed to this site from another of my favourites. 'My Swag' of which I've been a member now for a while.
Do heaps of camping beginning with a back pack and walkin miles and miles, campin overnight with bare minimum stuff.
Biggest prob is carryin enough water, specialy here in W.A. fine in winter IF it's been rainin, but proves problematic if little rain has fallen.
The bonus of campping like this, is you can get into the most beautiful places where it's impossible to get a car, and believe me, there's heaps of em to make it all worth while.
Then there's the camper trailer, which we utilise four to five times a year, ALL luxuries life can provide including 6" foam mattress with overlay. (beats sleepin on the ground when I back pack)
The camper trailer is a CUB Spacematic and pull it with a Patrol GU 2.8 litre.
Currently planing a walk from BUSSELTON to AUGUSTA via the Cape To Cape walk trail early in November this year, interested parties may drop me a line here.
Our next trip is in three weeks time to Carnarvon, we'll be checking out the hinter land East of Carnarvon and camping at a place called Rocky Pool, which is approx 70-80 clicks east of Carnarvon.
Gettin fed up with the cold weather here, need a warmer break for a bit.
Opps, nearly forgot, have two dogs, one Jack Russel and one part Jack Russel who are family, wouldn't leave home without them, luv em to bits, and yes as some say on this board, means we can't roam as free as we'd like to, but then hey, if my dogs are not welcome, then obviously we're not either.
Well there you have it, no doubt a heap more will come out with more posts.
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Re: Newbie.

Postby GypsyLady » Mon Jun 15, 2009 8:09 am

Hello itchyvet and WELCOME to the forum. Have enjoyed reading your posts and especially seeing your feelings re your canine family, my sentiments exactly and something that always warms my heart.

The worst day camping still beats the best day working
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