Need some help... well rather a lot of it.

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Need some help... well rather a lot of it.

Postby Lee J1 » Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:59 pm

Good Evening All,
I've not been camping in probably 10-15 years. After a recent talk with my Wife of 5 years (an American living here now) we've decided to hit out and see a few sights, take a few walks and enjoy some quiet weekends. Problem is of course it's been so long since either of us have been camping that we can't remember what exactly we need. More importantly we have no idea where to go. We started simple: tent, lanterns, frypan and oven, plates etc. As of yet we don't have a stove (think we'll need it for when we can't have fires as we have a portable open flame style BBQ) nor yet a cooler.
Was thinking of Coleman Dual Fuel stove (as the lantern is same fuel) and Waeco Cool-Ice cooler. Thoughts on these? Any items that might be overlooked that we'd need/could do with.
Some good places that are fairly close to general stores/servo etc (say within 15 minutes drive or so) that would be a good starting point. We're after a few good free camping areas that we could hit up for a weekend to find our feet in camping again.We don't have a 4wd so I know that is somewhat limiting.
We're in Melbourne's Northern suburbs so are willing to hit out to anywhere within 4 hours or so of Melbourne I guess.
Anyway as previously mentioned it's been a long time since Scouts and a long time so some starter points would be great.

Sorry for being such a pain and rattling on so much,
Lee J1
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Re: Need some help... well rather a lot of it.

Postby GypsyLady » Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:58 pm

Hi Lee and WELCOME to the forum.

I have moved your post to INTRODUCTIONS which is a more suitable location for it.
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