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Postby GypsyLady » Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:36 pm

Paul100 wrote:Hi GL

Factory turbo models come with twin batterys as standard [extra cranking power for the diesel donk] 3rd battery sit's next to the fuel pump area on the passenger side , used for running goodies like the lights, fridge etc .

Bull bar & side rails are steel

Standard 96ltr fuel tank is still there in the middle , but the 45ltr 2nd tank has been replaced with a combo fuel & water tank = fuel size 122ltrs water 55ltrs , all up diesel is 218ltrs .
I like to do & plan the big outback desert runs etc .

No don't tow , I either take the swags or Southern Cross touring tent .

14.4ltrs/100kms was the normal , but with the new 3inch full mendrel bend exhaust it's down to 14.1ltrs/100kms , that's fully loaded & easy sitting around 100km/hour .

Cheers Paul

Thanks Paul and yes I know about the twin batteries as I too have one and that is why I was interested in what you had done and where you mounted the third battery.

I average 14/100 round town and about 14.5/100 when towing a fully loaded camper. Am also looking at upgrading the exhaust as well as soon as funds permit.

Did you buy the second tank combo as standard or was it a special build??

How/where do you access the water??

Am in the planning stages of another outback trip at the end of the year so understand what you are saying.

Thanks for the info.

Cheers Gypsy.....
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Postby Paul100 » Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:42 am

Here's a pic
[img]http://the4wdzone.com/community/Tassie07-08 012 [small].jpg

[I see I haven't got a pic right yet - will try from another site later !]
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Postby Paul100 » Mon Jan 21, 2008 1:00 am


The battery set-up & fuel/water combo tank are all ARB products .

The water tank has it's filler in the engine bay , on the firewall - passenger side , food grade plastic feeds it down to the tank , you access the water behind the passenger side rear mud flap at the tank with a little tap .

Putting on a bigger exhaust you''ll notice how the truck pulls away better at low revs then tappers off as the revs get up , & a bit better in the fuel economy .
One of the main reasons why I put the bigger exhaust on was because I had a D-Tronic aftermarket chip put it - since the chip makes the combustion better - it also makes a bit more EGT's - so the quicker you can get them out the better with a bigger free flow exhaust .
Just go for mild-steel but in mendrel-bend 3 inch with replacement dump pipe as well .

Cheers Paul , always happy to help out :beer
Landcruiser 100TD [With the works]
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