Let's talk road tripping :D

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Let's talk road tripping :D

Postby SkippyFreak » Thu Jun 08, 2006 4:50 pm

Imagine a bold heading:
*Two mates, one continent, one mini camper and a whole lot of beer*. I made it to the red centre and just had to tell everyone about it.
Originally, we were gonna' leave from Sydney as Gavin, Damien and I but Damien got involved in a bus accident... I couldn't stop laughing. He squished a dog! One of those little annoying ones... that yap. The old lady dogs, you know the sort.
Gav and I struck out from Sydney with a sweet-as little Kia Pregio. Custom converted (I might add) from ****. A funny dutch guy was finishing the roof just as we arrived.
Got the van, got outta' Sydney and headed North. We spent a night in Newcastle then made for Brisbane in one leap. Two nights were burned there in pubs and clubs, before the lesser hung-over of us started for Alice Springs. It was a very boring drive, I must admit. We starved half to death before the next servo came up.
On our way to Uluru we ALMOST hit a kangaroo. We were insured, but I really didn't want that on my consciounce.

Now... the fun part.

Gav started driving while I rested. When I woke up, we were very lost. We were provided with maps and stuff, but I can't read those to save myself and nor can Gavin. Our petrol started failing us so we wieghed up whether or not to phone for help. It turned out to be other travellers who saved out guts.
We ended up going off-course to Adelaide.

Thankfully due to the season, the van was real cheap ($55 a night I think). The company was real cool about the relocation and and extension of our trip too. Cheers guys.

Tell me your adventures! This was my latest trip inland, I did another some years back with the same company. I used a Hi-Top then, believe me, it's cooler than it looks. Got a fridge for lots of beer :D
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Postby Scolers » Thu Jun 08, 2006 6:54 pm

Great story ... shame it's an add ... :roll:

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Shameless Plug

Postby Activity_Dept » Tue Jun 13, 2006 6:43 pm

Yes that was a bit of a shameless plug, not that I like to do it but edited it a little.
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