NSW - Dural Village Tourist Park

NSW - Dural Village Tourist Park

Postby davidp_au » Mon Jan 17, 2005 10:50 am

I took my family camping this weekend with friends and I thought I should share our experience.

1. When we get there our kids went to the shop to get some softdrink. After being ignored for sometime, my son uses his manners and says excuse me. To this the lady responded with "Can't you see we're busy".

2. The kids (being kids) two girls 5 and 6 years old picked a few leaves off a passionfruit vine near our campsite and fed them to the chooks. Please note there is no signage when a cranky old lady comes out and states to us that the kids are feed the chooks leaves and on top of this they are picking the passionfruit which was not located on any private area etc. She said "only visitors pick the passionfruit".

3. Disgusted with the camping site of being so small that ropes from each other's tents are pegged at the base of the opposite tents and besides the fact that we are stuck in front of a big shed which looks like the sewage treatment works is out the back (there is no smell), he enquired to upgrade to a cabin in the morning for a price of $100. His wife went there at lunch to find the price has risen to $116. There was no negotiation on this price so he went next door to a motel.

4. Went to the laundry to find she needed change for the dryer. She went to and rang the bight bell at about 6pm (as the shop must have shut at 5pm) to the lady telling her that she will need to get her change done next door at the service station.

5. To top it off the place was overpriced. $48 (peak season) per night for 2 adults and 3 children. On top of this, everything from the dryers (as you would expect) to bbq's were coin operated.

Honestly, I've never camped at a place that has been so hostile and kid unfriendly in my life and will never go there again.

Has anyone got any similar experiences of this place?


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Postby RichardLOZ » Thu Jan 20, 2005 11:14 pm


Thanks for the warning. Its a pity that some places are like this. We discovered a place on the south coast where we wont be going back to again either. No grass, just dirt and I think that the guy on reception spoke 2 words during the entire checkin process.

Easy to get people in the first time, but unless they give you good service and facilities and are FRIENDLY then people just wont go back. Ahh such is life I guess.

Hope your next experience is much better.

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Postby nbwood » Tue Mar 01, 2005 3:58 pm

Yes, we have stayed at the same place a few times to find the same attitude. It is overpriced and geared for the permanents. What choice is there though on that side of sydney? Should complain to CCIA (Caravan Camping Industry Assoc.)
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Postby Ozzycamperboy » Sun Jun 12, 2005 7:26 pm

hello, this bad story is a perfect example of why I personally don't like to stay at popular or paid for sites. In my opinion, the best things in life are free, and why should you pay for sumthing as basic as a chink of dirt (and BBQ's etc.) if you were around dural, only about 1/2hrs away is Wisemans ferry. I've never camped there but been through a couple of times and i'm sure ou could find sumthing better. Failing that, about 1 and 1/2 hrs away, but worth the trip, is Yengo National Park. Again, i've only driven through but I checked out 'Mogo Camp ground' and it looks really nice, with Pit Toilets and BBQ pits (BYO wood i think). Neway, theres plenty of places like this that are free, and some that you have to pay for, ie, most national parks have fee's, in my experienc is usually about 4-5 bux a nite, and the rangers who collect are usually very nice and reasonable (got off without paying a few times). Plus, half the time they don't even come around to collect. Best to go to a map/camping store and buy maps, and ask Q's. Most ppl who work in such stores have been to many of the site, or know stories from ppl who have.
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Postby sued » Wed Aug 30, 2006 6:16 pm

Hi David

We actually stayed at Dural Caravan Park when we first emmigrated here. We had a week before we could move into our rental house and our container with furniture hadn't arrived.

I have to say we found everyone very friendly and accommodating but that was 5 years ago so its very possible things have changed.

We arrived in June and I remember the groundsman cleaning out the pool every day so us "mad englishmen", although we're actually Welsh, could swim. He thought we were absolutely crazy. There we were with shorts and t-shirts on everyday and we couldn't understand why everyone was wearing jumpers and coats. 5 years down the line and having acclimatized we now understand!

I don't think its the sort of site you would want to stay in for a holiday. Its too far from the city or the beaches and its very much in suburbia! From that point of view its definitely not one I would pick.
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Another place to avoid

Postby fomocoxr8 » Mon Mar 19, 2007 5:55 pm

Recently we stayed at a BIG 4 park at Bawley Point on the South Coast... we arrived around 6 pm on Friday afternoon to camp for 3 nights. There were two adults and 4 teenagers...I was disgusted from the first moment...the lady at the reception was very unfriendly and not very helpful virtually taking our money and throwing a map at us...there was no explanation of facilities or requirements..such as the need for coins to operate the showers... which was lucky we had a few spare ones in the console of the car otherwise there would have been 6 very smelly people that night... she even had the hide to answer the phone and deal with that enquiry before finalising our dealings... the next morning the kids went up to the kiosk to get some bread and milk for breakfast and surprise surprise they didn’t have bread and were unsure if they were getting any that day...so it was a mad dash into the local town to grab some for the 4 very hungry kids...later that morning I had time to sit down and read the brochure we were given and was dismayed at the cost of the activities such as mini golf, not just for club hire but also per game.. The costs of hiring the pool cues as well as a charge per game ...tennis court hire ...racket hire etc...the reason we go camping is to save some money for other activities, however it would have been cheaper to stay in a resort or another park where all these facilities are free...not once whilst we were onsite did we see staff wandering around checking on the site (apart from one morning we saw two staff driving a ute around emptying garbage bins) that afternoon (Sat) the kids went up to the Reception/Kiosk to get some change and more bread to find it closed..It was only about 5:30 pm...There were people standing at the door to reception (Waiting to check in) ringing the bell and had been for about 10 min they said...I find it strange that a tourist park's reception would close so early...and when you consider the local town only has a very small shopping area which closes early that they dont have the necessities that MOST other parks carry..I was also dismayed that every time we needed coins for the (shower, washing machine, dryer, even the bloody BBQ) the reception only had a very limited amount of change.....and closed so bloody early to be of no use to anyone else...on a brighter note the pool was nice ...only real bright point to the whole weekend ...I’m surprised they don’t charge to use it as well..I am also including this commentary on a number of camping forums as I and my partner (not to mention the kids ) were disgusted with this establishment...I WONT BE STAYING THERE AGAIN..By the way, I am a seasoned camper and have stayed in hundreds of FREE and PAID FOR campsites over the last 20 years and have never received such appalling service...
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