NSW - Nightcap National Park

NSW - Nightcap National Park

Postby Johnno » Sat May 03, 2008 7:47 pm

Hello everyone,

Well we took our 10 week old son for his first camping trip on the ANZAC day long weekend. After leaving early Friday morning, we finally go to Bundjalung National Park just south of Evans Head. It was here that SWMBO decided that the camping ground was not fit to house such camping royalty as herself and our new little one :grin: . At least I hadn;t started unpacking the car. We decided then to try out Nightcap & ended up camping in Whian Whian state forest.


Ended up being really nice. Very cold & foggy of a morning, but not too many people around which was really great. After setting up we went for a short walk around the grounds to see what was here & then basically just relaxed.

The next morning after breakfast we headed out to Minyon Falls.


As we had the little one, we didn't do the big walk. I wanted to also check out Protesters Falls as well & we figured we couldn't do both. We will definately come back here to do the complete circuit of the Falls.

The drives around the area were really nice too. Mixture of dense rainforest & winding country roads made for a pleasent day out.

Following are a couple of other photos taken from the weekend.
The fire pit at the campground

A couple from the creek down from Protester's Falls.

Sebastien enjoying his surroundings.

Anyway, a good weekend had by all. We will go back to Black Rocks. The beach driving I think would be nice too.

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Re: Nightcap National Park

Postby will_deness » Sun May 04, 2008 1:36 am

Nice!! once you go there you can understand why it's world heritage listed. glad you all had a great time.
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Re: Nightcap National Park

Postby oldtrack123 » Sun May 04, 2008 10:28 pm

Black rocks a good spot ,fishing is variable new gas barbies are hopeless for any thing else [can't boil a kettle] stiill can't see reason for approx 250% rise in camp fees just don't be in an exposed aera if a good se wind starts .
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Re: Nightcap National Park

Postby GypsyLady » Mon May 05, 2008 6:51 pm

Great to see some water falls actually falling water... thank you.
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