any one have a primus hot water system

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Re: any one have a primus hot water system

Postby CCC » Sat Aug 16, 2008 1:20 pm

We have a new Primus hot water system ... went away for a week and got it working properly for 2 days. Had to boil the water up on the stove for the rest of the trip :x . With bad weather we thought it got too wet etc but when we dried it out the pilot light still wouldnt stay on. Back to the shop and a few weeks later was told the thermostat crapped itself !!! only after 2 uses :evil: :evil: .

As mentioned above, it pretty much is a 2 person job. we found that instead of turning the shower flow off and doing so cutting off the pilot light off that its best to just drop the shower head into the bucket, recycling the water and making it warmer anyway .... much nicer in cold rainy weather ... but still a pain in the :booty
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Re: any one have a primus hot water system

Postby Pebble » Sat Sep 06, 2008 7:14 pm

We've got one, but not for camping. We're living in a shed whilst building a house, so have to use it for showers every day.
Anyway the first one buggered up after about a month, it was never easy to light from the start but though it was just our experience - or lack of. Anyway the 2nd system (we exchanged the original for a new one) has worked without a flaw. Yes as the car battery drains and the voltage drops, the pump must go a tad slower so the water is hotter, at least we know when the battery is getting low!

If anyone brought one of these around Dec / Jan (07/08) then I heard from a Camping store that there was a recall on them (certain ones only) hence some of the problems. You may want to check it out.
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