Which Swag?

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Which Swag?

Postby WyldOne » Mon Feb 25, 2008 5:25 pm

I've been camping a few times using mates swags. I'm going to buy my own and I don't want to spend no more than $250.00 dollars on a swag. I'm after one that is water proof, warm to sleep in at night, single swag, one with poles at the front and back of the swag (see photo). All help will be great!

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Postby Blue Bravo » Mon Feb 25, 2008 7:48 pm

Ozzie wil be online to tell you about swags. If you look at the thread "what do you camp in" you'll see that swagman are few and far between :)
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Postby Ozzycamperboy » Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:45 am

I can only really pass on advice that I've been given re: swags. And didn't follow :lol:

I've only had one, its a el-cheapo from Camping world at Castle Hill, and for the $99 purchase price I must say you get what you pay for. Straight away I went and got a second, thicker mattress from clark rubber (another $70 odd).

So there's the first lesson, roll out the swag and have a bit of a lie down on it IN store before you buy.

Ask about what weight canvas it is made from. I IIRC, 10 is about average, any lower is bad and the higher the number the better as far as waterproofness is concerned. And on that note I think mine must be about 5, its more water resistant, than water proof :lol:

And from that picture, your already looking in the right spot. Mr Swagman's got the probably one of the best reputations around with swags, tho I'm sure there's plenty of others just as good.

After all that whining about my swag I'm actually still happy with it tho, I just throw a small tarp up over it usually.
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Re: Which Swag?

Postby Cheiffy » Sat Mar 01, 2008 8:38 pm

For this sort of money, you may be able to pick up a decent brand / quality second hand. I have both a cheap one as well as a Southern Cross Dome Swag in the double. The cheap one I gave away and the SC will be with me for life. Bide your time, save your dollars and buy quality. This way you are only buying it once. I would also recommend buying a double. The extra room is an absolute bonus and look for ventilation as a swag can get stuffy without it. A vinyl floor is also a bonus to keep the moisture out.



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Re: Which Swag?

Postby Otto » Sun Nov 02, 2008 8:23 am

I've got two swags, and both have been used extensively. The one is a True Blue double swag, which is made in India, and only two very thin Indians can fit in it, certainly not a South African couple. Good enough quality, I slept with it in extreme heat (outback in summer), cold (Koscuisko in winter), rain, mud, it survived curious possums here in Western NSW, and it survived sleeping beneath a tree when two possums were mating or fighting and dropping branches on it in Mt Franklin crater in Vic. It has a hoop at the head side, and a little vertical pole at your feet, and good quality poles and ropes.

I also bought a swag from campin-r-us, this one:
http://www.camping-r-us.com.au/Image.as ... t3pole.jpg
Not the same quality as the True Blue, and made in China, and the poles are breaking all the time, even the replacement poles! So I have to get proper poles. The rope assembly can be easily simplified by you. The canvas quality seems OK, it is waterproof, and apart from the poles, I havent got any problems. It has three hoops, and one rope, of which I normally only use two hoops and the rope.

The questions you must ask is:
1. Is it simple to put up? A swag is also about ease/ speed of setting up, if there are three hoops and two ropes, a Turbo tent will be just as fast.
2. Canvas quality, will it last a lifetime?
3. How good is the ventilation? I prefer swags where the top and the head sides can be opened to get a draught through, otherwise you cook.
4. If you lie in it, do you have enough room in the length, width and height? Test BEFORE you buy!
5. Are the poles good quality?
5. Is the mattress thick enough? When you test it put something like a pen under the swag and see if you can feel it.

In conclusion - I've camped extensively in Africa and Aus, and used canvas tents, dome tents (my pet hate), caravans, and now swags. And nothing beats swags for comfort and ease in all weather.
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