What Brands are good in the older (80s) camper trailers

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What Brands are good in the older (80s) camper trailers

Postby megabuff » Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:13 am

hello to the forum :-)

I am looking to buy a poptop camper trailer.

I have read a few posts about the Goldstream and Coromals being good buys in the new models, but I am on a <$5 budget and i am looking at models from the 70s upto the late 80s.

I intend to go offroad and so would prefer smaller and lighter.

I may get an onroad one and fit the axel under the springs to raise the height, also bigger wheels?

So i have been concidering jayco finch, Cub drifter, coleman, golf, millard, viscount, act.

can anyone shed any light on these oldies please? good or bad?

thanks all.
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