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Postby Jock » Sat Aug 19, 2006 9:43 pm

Sorry have to pull out of this one now :(

I have to be at workat 12.00 midday for 1 hr ( still get paid for 4 hrs double time :grin: )
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Postby stevo. » Sun Aug 20, 2006 8:46 pm

We all had an awesome day.... heaps of laughs.

Here's some photos from the day.... view my fill slideshow here http://oz4x4.oz20.com/4x4photos/condamine200806/ (wait till all the photos load before trying to view them on slow connections)

half way along the track we had a rest break..

having a chat beside the creek

BarbyQ going through the last creek crossing

here's Amandas friend Linda, slamming a few beers down and getting in to the sausages

forum member "Demi" is bottom right in the photo

the lookout - everyone in the photo is our group

and how's this for a sign?

thanks for the day everyone... we all had a good time :+
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Postby Demi » Sun Aug 20, 2006 9:01 pm

Heres some more pics :armsup

and the trip on google earth (right click, save as then open in google earth)

The Trip
Funny looking tree

The falls

meeky looking for the perfect shot

thanks for the trip and snags team Barby-Q :+ I had a great day and a good drive, cant wait for the next one :***

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Postby Dualux » Sun Aug 20, 2006 9:11 pm

What a great day we had. The scenery was great, the company even better, loads of fun was had by all. Meeky the photos you posted are good.

Cheers Paul
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Postby Barby-Q » Mon Aug 21, 2006 6:18 am

We had a great day also , great photos Steve & Royce . We had a few :beer at the dugandan left there about 6:00 got home about 6:45. Amanda did you get home ok ?
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Postby amanda » Mon Aug 21, 2006 8:44 am

Yes, pulled in safely at home just before 6.00pm. Top day, really enjoyed the trip and the company, and looking forward to another adventure. It was great meeting you all.
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The Camping forums first outing.

Postby Activity_Dept » Mon Aug 21, 2006 3:46 pm

Well to the best of my knowledge that is the forums first group outing. I would like to thank all involved for participating and in particular Barby_Q for organizing it. :+

The scenery looks fantastic would of liked to of seen it first hand however if it’s any consolation I am currently in Canada on a bit of a RV and work (of course) trip.

So congratulations and lets hope there are many more adventures in store. We hope to do some marketing this summer so hope we can get more people involved for some of the next ones, mind you it looks like you all enjoyed yourselves as it is.

3 Cheers to all involved
:+ :beer
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