Moura caravan park Qld

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Moura caravan park Qld

Postby Born2Camp » Sat Dec 06, 2008 9:59 pm

:hello: I am so excited that summer is well and truly here! Cant wait and have found a spot that a friend booked for us back in feb.. Totally no idea they had booked an extra spot and looking forward to going.. Although never been there and they have no website.

Anyone else been? been searching it for a while to get some reviews but only found one which said something about a pool and dogs are allowed on application.. must be an old review as I have been told that they have no pool (though that source could be wrong) and no animals.

I will be there with dd who is 6 years so hoping that children will be around for her or at least something to do.

Any help at all would be wonderful!

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