Canvas tents?!?!?!?

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Re: Canvas tents?!?!?!?

Postby OzJeeper » Tue Dec 23, 2008 6:00 pm

I think that all the comments posted here have merit for both sides of the debate. I am a fan of canvas for many reasons but one is for a very obscure reason.

I attended a campground fire some many years ago and apparently the child had decided to take a candle into the tent. It was nylon. When it "burnt" it became molten.

The child as an adult still has significant facial scars to attest to the event.

Canvas, in it's pure woven cotton form will burn, but never become molten and sticking unless it's a mixed fabric.

So I tend to house children/grandchildren in canvas or non flammable digs. Candles are a BIG no-no. Tents close to campfires are my worst nightmare.

Thank goodness for the LED! :#


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Re: Canvas tents?!?!?!?

Postby Pauly » Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:59 pm

Im pretty sure its liike stiches will leak, You wont see a canvas tent made with the same intrecite stiching as a dome, most domes leak, qual;ity decides how much.
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Re: Canvas tents?!?!?!?

Postby ashe_ep » Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:23 pm

I actually work at an outdoor retailer, and do all of the manufacturing claims (eg when something breaks we have to send it back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement). Naturally to say more nylon tents break than canvas is true however we sell a lot more as they are cheaper. The poles break easily but are also easily replaced. I have seen broken cabin tent poles that often need to be custom made by steel fabricators because they can't be replaced off the shelf like standard poles for nylon tents. Having said that broken steel probably won't punch through canvas like the fibreglass can go through nylon I must admit which is something I see fairly often. Having said that it depends on what you're using it for and how many people you need to sleep. I big 3 room canvas cabin tent can weigh over 70 kg depending on the model. Something like that in nylon will weigh around 30. You will probably get it up quicker too.

On a personal level, I own an Oztrail canvas tourer, and I like it because its simple. It weighs as much as my car, smells funny and I paid an arm for it but I love it anyway. It doesn't give up in strong wind. I'm still dry no matter what the weather. I don't have to get up as soon as the sun does because its so bright. I don't freeze in winter. It has one pole yet I can stand in it. I also intend to use it for the next 20 years. Thats why I own canvas. The only reason I have another tent that is nylon is for hiking.
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