To under-tarp or not to under-tarp

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Re: To under-tarp or not to under-tarp

Postby Derek Bullock » Sun Dec 14, 2008 9:54 am

Been watching this for a while now to see where it would go.

I went to a bit of expense some time back to get a piece of shade cloth cut to size to fit under the tent section of my camper trailer.

I camped for two weeks at a beach side caravan park where the ground was a mix of sand and soil but with a good covering of grass. During the two weeks we had several storms and rain, one of them being quite a fierce hail storm.

When I packed up I found that the wet dirt had been drawn up through the shade cloth and the base of the tent had as much dirt on it as when I had used the camper without anything under it and I spent quite sometime cleaning it all off.

I came to the conclusion that shade cloth under a soft floor camper does nothing to stop it getting covered in dirt when it is wet.

Now that is my experience, yours may differ.

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Re: To under-tarp or not to under-tarp

Postby AliKat » Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:13 pm

Ok I have read all of these replys but I just wanted to add what we do... Unfortunately we dont have any photos from our last trip which was the best set up so far...

We bought cheap blue tarps for the area under the tent - then folded this so it was only under the tent so there was no collection of water when it does rain. This was great when it came to packing up after rain - the tent was dry and the only thing that we needed to unpack and dry when we got home was the cheap blue tarp.

Under the tarps (we have 2 Ultra Rigs - one is for over the 8p tent - half is for the tent the other half is for communal area) we bought cheap shade cloth from Crazy Clark's/ Sam's Warehouse - I think it was $8/m and it comes off the roll in double thickness. So we bought 6m and the roll was almost done so they gave us the rest which ended up being another 6m :) Anyway the shade cloth works fantastically when left double thickness and then we just pegged it down with a few extra pegs - it allows sand to fall through but nothing to come back up. Then it just catches the twigs and other matter that is in the sand and this is just swept off with a broom just like you were sweeping the floor at home.

We had previously bought 16 of the connectable foam mats - and on the last trip we only took 4 - these were used for outside the shower tent connecting to the shade cloth area, so that you could have a shower and keep the sand off your feet getting onto the shade cloth.

Last trip (Dec 5 - 10) we went to Inskip and it was HOT and when it wasnt hot it was WET. The setting sun was a bit nasty so while we were up there I headed into Rainbow and bought another cheap blue tarp - This one was as long as the big tarp was wide and we hung this on the western side of the main area from the same poles on the outside of the ropes and pegged it directly into the ground with a few more extra pegs. It ended up being a great sun block, and rain protection when it poured as well as the tent area that it created was a great protected area where we put all the wet towels so they dried in the breeze without getting wet from the rain...

Then under the 2nd tarp which just had all of the kitchen - 2 burner camp stove, 2 burner bbq, 4 eskies, tressle table & folding camp table, and the plastic tubs with the latchable lids (the ones that come with wheels) with all of the food inside and extra space in an empty one for the nights when we had a few too many :beer & just threw everything that needed to be cleaned up the next morning. These tubs are excellent!!! They kept out the ants, the crabs, the scrub turkeys, the centipede (found it in the esky hinge ::() ) and the birds from getting into the food and or dirty dishes)... In this area we just had a small section of the double shade cloth to cover the immediate area under foot which also joined up to the other tarp/shade cloth area...

Another great addition that we had to our set up was our CROC BIN keeps the rubbish up off the ground & keeps it covered too!!!

Anyway I think I have rambled on enough now and the neighbours have just called for drinks

Cheers & Beers :beer :beer

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Re: To under-tarp or not to under-tarp

Postby GypsyLady » Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:55 pm

Hi Ali

I too have a Croc Bin, got it when they first came on the market just over a year ago and totally agree with you, they are great.
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