Advise on NT and WA trip.

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Advise on NT and WA trip.

Postby Camper27 » Thu Jan 08, 2009 2:23 pm

Hey Guys, Great site!
My partner and I have hired a 2WD camper and are planning our trip we pick our camper up from Darwin and want to see Ayers Rock before heading up and west.

We have 31 days to get to Perth and plan to spend a lot of the time on the western coast fishing etc. What I would like to know is some reccommended camping grounds as well as some camping areas.

It would be great to find some areas where it can be just us, also along the way to Alice Springs how safe would it be to camp somewhere off the highway or can you reccomend any place to break the long trip to Alice.
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Re: Advise on NT and WA trip.

Postby Blue Bravo » Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:30 am

Should be a fabulous trip but you will be covering a lot of K's. From Darwin to Alice is a straight drive down the Stuart Highway. You should consider side trips into Kakadu and Litchfield NPs. Then to Katherine for a look through Nitmuluk Np (Katherine Gorge). Next major point of interest will be the Devils Marbles past Tennant Creek (good free camping there). A quick look around the Roadhouse at Wycliff Wells (the UFO capital of the world and then into Alice. You will about a week here if you want to get to Uluru, Kings Canyon, East and West McDonald Ranges as well as time in Alice itself.

You will then need to travel back to Katherine and turn left towards WA. The scenary along the way is great. Eat all fruit and vegetables before you get to the border near Kunnunara, a quick look at Wyndham then I suggest you take a 4 wheel drive day tour into the Bungle Bungles from Turkey Creek (Warnum Community). Through Halls Creek to Fitzroy Crossing and look through the Gorge there. Then over to Derby and if you are at thr right time of the month a flight out to the Horizontal Waterfall is well worth the effort. Into Broome for a lap of Cable Beach and then down south. I strongly suggest you try and make your way into Karajini NP. Then Coral Bay and onwards towards Perth.

I really think 31 days is too short a time frame for the whole trip.

There are multiple free camping areas along the way and a copy of Free Camps Australia will give you a good guide. At some of them you will need to get in early as the grey nomads don't like doing a lot of K's per day.

Enjoy the trip and let the forum know how you went :grin:
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Re: Advise on NT and WA trip.

Postby ScottyB » Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:46 am

Camper27 wrote:Hey Guys, Great site!
My partner and I have hired a 2WD camper and are planning our trip we pick our camper up from Darwin and want to see Ayers Rock before heading up and west.

Could I make the suggestion that you collect your camper from Alice Springs if possible or at least arrange to drop it off there at the conclusion? It would save you a considerable amount of time, distance and money if you did.

Reason being that Darwin to Alice is about 1500km. If you want to head west after Alice Springs, remember the rock (450km from Alice), the canyon (sort of on the way back to Alice), the ranges (also on the way back) etc rack up your time and kms as well whilst in the red centre. You will then be driving over 1000km to get back to Katherine from Alice Springs to head into WA.

Its just a tip. I remember once an office clerk in Darwin rang me in Alice Springs to ask if I could drop something off to Ayers Rock in my meal break. She didn't believe me when I told her it was a 900km round trip and that I wasn't sure I would make it back in 30 minutes. The lesson - until you have lived there or spent a lot of time there you will underestimate the distances between places.

As for safe places to stop on the road, just go for places where there are other people stopped is my advice. Safety in numbers.

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Re: Advise on NT and WA trip.

Postby HGMonaro » Fri Jan 09, 2009 11:31 am

Any reason you want/need to go Darwin->Rock->Katherine->WA. That's a big back-track!

I'd throw in Daly Waters as a stopover. Cheap camping at the Pub ($5 an adult I think it was), also good tucker at the Pub and entertainment (asuming it's on). Devils Marbles had a camping charge (std NT parks one) when we were' there.

Also, I suggest checking the km's your contemplating, average them at about 80kph to work out how many hours driving you've got and see how that's going to work in with fishing at optimum times (eg. can't fish 80 Mile beach on low tide, so unless you're going to spend a day or 3 you won't get to fish or will be wasting your time anyway). Fishing and a flying road trip don't go together IMO.

Cheers, Nige
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Re: Advise on NT and WA trip.

Postby Camper27 » Mon Jan 12, 2009 11:05 am

Thanks for the advice... we choose Darwin on a spur and then planned the trip lol we do want to see Ayers Rock so we are looking into changing the pick up venue from Alice Springs.

Thanks for the advice!! Any more tips and suggestions for WA would be welcome
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Re: Advise on NT and WA trip.

Postby encorepi » Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:37 am

Ok, so I am not the adventurest type camper and like a few luxuries, and I REALLY liked free spirit resort, darwin. It is a caravan park, we had a cabin but there was camping as well. All really well set up, great facilities, made for a real holiday. We even had the kitchen make up a picnic hamper at a reasonable cost, it was really great.

It was this experience that made me think I could go camping so long as there is hot running water and flush toilets. This is still where I am at, but that was a big move from not staying anywhere without my own bathroom:)

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