The Drunk and the Biker

Heard anything funny today about our pollies (their always good for a laugh). Get in touch with that inner Irishman and let’s hear a joke or two.

The Drunk and the Biker

Postby amanda » Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:03 pm

A drunken man walks into a biker bar, sits down at the bar and orders a drink. Looking around, he sees three men sitting at a table. He gets up, staggers to the table, leans over, looks the biggest, meanest biker in the face and says, "I went by your Grandma's house today, and I saw her stark naked! Man, she is one fine looking woman."

The biker looks at him and doesn't say a word. His buddies are confused, because he is one big, bad biker and would fight at the drop of a hat.

The drunk leans on the table again and says, "I got it on with your Grandma, and she is good, the best I ever had!"

The bikers buddies are starting to get really mad, but the biker still says nothing.

The drunk leans on the table one more time and says, "I'll tell you something else boy - your Grandma like it!"

At this point the biker stands up, takes the drunk by the shoulders, looks him square in the eyes and says.....

..........."Grandpa, go home - you're drunk!"
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Re: The Drunk and the Biker

Postby Poodle Jewel » Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:03 pm

:*** :*** :*** :*** :*** :*** Good one Amanda.
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