Canuks to visit down under

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Canuks to visit down under

Postby Pharmbouy » Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:21 pm

Hi to everyone down under. My wife and I are Canuks living both in Kamloops and near Vancouver British Columbia. We have been RV’ing for years. (rather not talk about how long) Presently we are living full time in a 5th wheel near Vancouver or traveling about in our 5th wheel or our truck and slide in camper. At this time we are sitting in a RV Park in Yuma Arizona, USA after completing 5 months in Mexico traveling the country.

If you are interested in viewing our trip visit our website:

We (ourselves and traveling companions) are planning on traveling to Australia to do some camping. We are now in the process of investigating our options. Renting, of course, is out of the question due to the time factor and cost. Our 5 year plan (if we can make it work) is this:
Year 2010: camp Australia (East Coast to South) 6 months traveling then return to Canada.
Year 2011: camp Australia (South Coast to Perth) 6 months traveling then return to Canada.
Year 2012: camp Europe for 6 months and then return to Canada.
Year 2013: camp Europe for another 6 months and then return to Canada.
Year 2014: If we are shipping our units we will pick them up in Eastern Canada or US and take 6 months traveling back to the West coast of Canada.

We have visited Australia before and loved the place but 3 months was just too short. At that time we did 2 house exchanges but no camping, now, we want to make up for it.

There are several possibilities we are investigating at this time listed in order of priority.
1. Do a non-simultaneous RV (caravan) exchange of similar units. (probably the best)
2. Ship our units to Australia and Europe and back to Canada. (also good but more expensive)
3. Buy a unit in Australia and then re-sell when finished. (more complications involved)
4. Rent a unit while in Australia and Europe.(too expensive)

I am sure as we proceed in our learning curve I will have a lot of questions and I hope you good people can help us out with your knowledge and experience. I would be more than willing to reciprocate in passing on our knowledge when ever I can. I intend to follow your site through the next year and half gathering up ideas by both conversing and listening to what goes on. Oh, by the way, is it true that Australian beer is as good as Canadian Beer?

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Re: Canuks to visit down under

Postby GypsyLady » Mon Mar 30, 2009 8:07 am

Hello Pharmbouy and WELCOME to the forum.....

It looks like whatever you choose there are going to be 'issues'.

You do still have some time available for more research before you need to make that choice. Hopefully being a member of this forum will assist you.

When the time comes I think you might just have make a decision and get on with it.
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Re: Canuks to visit down under

Postby CampGrrlz » Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:05 am

Hi and welcome to the forum :grin:

Have you looked at the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia website? If not, it is:

We've been associate members in the past and have lapsed now. There is a Members Forum but you need to be a paid-up member to access it. However, even the magazine (Wanderer) is a mine of information. It would be well worth the price of admission for you to join, in the context of the cost:benefit you would be well in front.

You will get a lot of very valuable information from members of this forum as you've seen. With added CMCA support (the insurance alone is worth the subscription!) you won't miss out on any info worth having. There is a large number of fifth-wheeler members and they have a special interest group within CMCA.

Happy travelling :)

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Re: Canuks to visit down under

Postby Young Camping Family » Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:13 am

Pharmbouy wrote:Year 2010: camp Australia (East Coast to South) 6 months traveling then return to Canada.
Year 2011: camp Australia (South Coast to Perth) 6 months traveling then return to Canada.

I hope you realise that there is very little between Adelaide and Perth.
Majority of stuff to see is on the East Coast Cape York to Hobart - so 6 months would suffice for this, but if it were me I'd spend the other 6 months going up the centre from Adelaide to Darwin, then across and down the West Coast to Perth. Then again it will depend on the time of year you plan to travel and what your interests are in visiting certain places.

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Re: Canuks to visit down under

Postby Little Kopit » Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:30 am

I too am a Canuck, but an easterner. I have yet to visit BC.

Still, I have resided in 4 provinces from Ontario east. For 24.5 years I was in Newfoundland. Last summer, because I want to travel and because I had just retired, I jumped across The Gulf (of St. Lawrence) and now live in what we call The Maritimes.

I too plan to travel to Australia. I am a member of more than one forum. One whom I know thought I might like to put my $0.02 in here.

A) Shipping to Oz has a bad track record. I know of a definite case where it took more than 2 weeks to get a truck camper rig off loaded.

B) I've only investigated rental in a general way, but it has advantages for me.

C) Buying using, then selling later means you must get there first, inspect the vehicle, make your commitment, etc. and stay around after to make your sale. Or pay someone to do these things for you. Often it is difficult to get insurance for non-residents. I had thought the CMCA might be a help in this. The one advantage is that you wouldn't be worrying about miles.

I really think it's a good idea to get your paws on some books about Australia in the general sense, especially a history of the country. & some books by those who have travelled around the country. I've read one by a soul who went around the paddock, by basic means, bicycle and thumb. He was a journalist, thus the book made good reading. I know I wish I could do a hop from the east to the mountains in the west. & I know I've been reading about Tasmania for years. There is something very appealing about Tassie. Somewhere I'm going to have to sort out priorities.

Watch your weather carefully. Some parts of the year are incredibly hot. Remember it went into the high 40s on the weekend of the big burns. & that was in February or late summer. & the burns were in Victoria, which is supposed to be one of the cooler places.

Are airmiles a part of your $ planning?

Now, Europe. I too have Europe among my goals. I have heard very successful stories re. shipping to EU, especially a truck or a campervan. Roads are very narrow in EU. I am thinking about this even though my rig is a truck camper and my truck is my one and only vehicle.

& I will be doing a trip to Alaska before I go overseas. No camping trip of mine has been more than 3 weeks.

Some stuff: Start of my 2006 Labrador Trip

Articles I've done on RVing in Canada (in process of update)

& I, I took the road less travelled by

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