Primus Nova Max and Super Nova LED lanterns

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Primus Nova Max and Super Nova LED lanterns

Postby rictal » Wed Apr 01, 2009 4:07 pm

Hi all,

I'm seeking advice about these two lights. Both I like, both are relatively small and well built (feel solid in the hand, good buttons, feel like they'd take a knock and survive).
Spec-wise, the Nova Max is:
300 lumen, 50+ hrs runtime, 3x D batteries, 800g ish, fits 2 hands comfortably
the Super Nova 180 is:
180 lumen, 25+ hrs runtime, 4x AA batteries, 200g ish, really compact (could take it hiking as well as camping)

I really like the smaller of the two for various reasons, including the cost of buying rechargable batteries and charger for AA instead of D cells (, but am keen to find out if anyone has used these lights and what they think.

Is the S.N. 180 bright enough to be used for general campsite lighting eg. to cook by, eat by, play cards etc?
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