gasmate 3 way fridge? $299

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Re: gasmate 3 way fridge? $299

Postby itchyvet » Mon Mar 08, 2010 7:27 pm

Dettie, glad to be of use.
I apologise for an omission in my post, that is the issue of where you place the fridge inyour car.
NEVER, block the rear of the fridge from access to cooling air, the fridge needs this air to pass over it's cooling tubes to work properly, so when you pack things away, make doubly sure there is breathing access to the rear of fridge.
Another important one I didn't mention, and I stand corrected for not doing so, NEVER connect lpg and light it whilst IN THE CAR. Never ever even think of doing this. It's down right DANGEROUS to your health.
If the gas leaks, it will collect at the lowest point inyour car,(lpg is heavier then air) thus you may not even be aware it's there. Ramifications are scary. (remember the plumbers van on TV last year ?)
If it doesn't leak, the EXHAUST from the burning flame is also a danger to anyone within the car.
Think carbon monoxide and asphyixiation. A certainty to put a damper on your camping experience.
So please, people, connect the gas OUTSIDE in the open air, ensure there are no leaks with a bit of dishwashing detergent, and IF you really MUST place it in the car, LEAVE TWO WINDOWS OPEN, and do not sleep or stay in the car.

You all probaly think I'm just a silly old fool, worrying about nothing, but last year TWO people died from doing the above, so clearly, there are people who will do these things irreguardless, but please, don't let it be any of you.
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Re: gasmate 3 way fridge? $299

Postby Lin » Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:45 am

"It never ceases to amaze me, how people buy stuff they have absolutely no understanding of how it works"

Sometimes I just don't "get it" until I use it and I can't use it if I don't have it. Though I do do my research usually.

Thanks for that info. This answered the questions I still had: "They are QUIET, ECONOMICAL,and run for days and days on a 9 kilo gas bottle unobtrusively keeping things cold in the back ground."

Not losing space to ice is such a bonus too! I am getting very tempted now... (But too late for the Repco sale of course. Doh!)
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