Neurum Creek - My 2 cents

Neurum Creek - My 2 cents

Postby bonger » Sun May 16, 2010 7:51 pm

Hi all

Have been to Neurum Creek Bush Retreat a couple of times now and thought I would share my thoughts for this visit.

Ok, The good -
1. Dog loved it, need I say more.
2. 13 month old loved it, except for the coldness in the cot even with a few layers, hot water bottle and blankets. (had to sleep with Mum and Dad at 2am!)
3. Dad loved the relaxation and bacon and eggs for breaky each day plus the few sips of port in the evenings!
4. Walking tracks were good but not very well marked.
5. Water was crystal clear.
6. Wine tasting under the fig tree.
7 Hot Chocolate and the paper on a Sunday morning.
8. Movie night. (Kung Fu Panda but good for the kids i guess :P)

Now the not so good -
1. Kids! Now I love kids, it's their parents that I dont like so much. I find that if you have kids you need to be responsible for them and respect other peoples campsites. Kids on bikes charging down the hill which bypass though someones campsite opposite us is not cool. Kids falling off bikes with no parents to be seen is not cool. Kids that know more swear words than I do is not cool. Unsupervised kids in the toilets is not cool.
2. Running out of beer on Saturday night and having to drink the wife's lolly drinks. I did it and felt sort of ok the next day taking down the camper so musnt have been all that bad :)

That is pretty much it. It is a great spot, a little on the expensive side but it is close to us with us living on Brisbanes north side for a quick getaway.

A couple of photos for your perusal.

PS. Camper went brilliantly. INvertor is on the way though!

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Re: Neurum Creek - My 2 cents

Postby GypsyLady » Sun May 16, 2010 8:03 pm

Thanks for the report & pics bonger. I agree that NCBR is expensive, too expensive in my book but in saying that it is good to hear that yours was a successful camp overall.

I personally object to having to pay a 'site' fee and for the pleasure of having my dog/s accompany me when camping.

There are lots of places about where there is no fee for dogs and camping overall is less expensive.

...but as I have said each his own.

If we all liked to same things in camping we would all be camping at the same campground and life would be pretty boring not to mention overcrowded.
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Re: Neurum Creek - My 2 cents

Postby capella_ben » Tue Jun 08, 2010 9:30 pm

We liked it. Was a bit expensive, but OK.

One of the bush walks along the creek was half washed away with fallen trees over it, etc. Kids loved it; bit more of an adventure!

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Re: Neurum Creek - My 2 cents

Postby Hippie » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:00 pm

We liked everything about Neurum Creek except being told where to camp. I guess we are too used to National Park camping. I like to be able to pay my fee then go find a nice spot once we get there. Having said that, the sites where nice and big, and not packed in like sardines as you are in caravan parks.
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