Servicing/Replacing Cables in Wind Up Mechanism

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Servicing/Replacing Cables in Wind Up Mechanism

Postby stock » Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:06 pm

Hi All,
New to the forum and looking for some technical info.

We have recently purchased a '79 Sunwagon Camper which is definitely a "doer upper"!!

It has brand new canvas bed ends and a really good annexe, bed flys etc. The previous owner has started a resto but lost interest fairly rapidyl.

The idea is to see how the family takes to the camper trailer scene prior to making a more serious investment.

The front wind up mechanism is unservicable, and it appears that the front right cable assembly has become detached from the lifting assembly.

Just wondering if anyone has replaced one of these before and what is involved? A set of instructions/drawings would be handy too.

Any help would be much appreciated...
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