Disclaimer and Disputes

Been camping lately? Lets here what you think about your local parks and recreation areas.

Disclaimer and Disputes

Postby Activity_Dept » Wed Oct 26, 2005 4:45 pm

These posts are unedited, independent reviews of parks in Australia by third parties (the camping community).

Where as some effort is taken to insure the review is genuine we have no way of confirming this and take no responsibility for the views expressed.

If your park has been reviewed in a poor light and has since rectified the problem, upgraded the facility or you dispute the review please feel free to reply to the post here or contact us.

Parks are welcome to post their own topic regarding upgraded facilities or other issues however we do appreciate that you identify you have an interest in the park.

If there is bias or untrue information posted please send us a Pvt Message and we will do our best to follow-up and remove the post if this is the case.
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